Seriously: This Is Easily The Most Fascinating Game Of the Year

Arto is an Action RPG that really gives new meaning to the term 'unique'. This game is special. Read on to find out why.
Arto game trailer
The game actually looks like this in motion. | © Arto

Wow. I literally saw Arto for the first time, moments before I started writing this, and I can only repeat: Wow. This is, hands down, the most unique game I've seen, since I started working at EarlyGame - and that was 2 years ago. Now, unique doesn't always mean quality, but in this case... it sure does seem like it.

Arto has an artstyle - or rather a number of artstyles - that I've never seen before. And, at 31 years of age, that's quite the gaming career of... having seen things.

What Is Arto?

Arto is an action RPG, in which you bring color back into the world. That would sound boring af, if it weren't for the fact that it is supported by, literally, one of the most amaying graphical styles ever. Just look at the trailer for confirmation.

I mean... what? How many different artstyles was that? How many different camera perspectives? How many different gameplay styles? This game has more variety than UbiSoft's gaming catalogue of the past decade.

Of course, at its core, this is still an action-RPG, and it seems to know what it's doing on that front: Huge enemy variation, a large arsenal of weapons, six different biomes... this game has everything going for it.

Even better: Arto will have several endings, and an open-world - which, honestly, I didn't expect from the trailer. That, coupled with boss fights, makes this a single-player game you'll want to run through several times.

For now, Arto is only scheuled to release for PC, and there is no release date. Hopefully, this game turns out to be as good as it has the potential to be, because... I'm getting that feeling that Hades gave me, when it came out of nowhere.