This Is the Ghostbusters Game We Always Wanted

Ghostbusters is coming to VR, and here's everything that was revealed at the Meta showcase.
Ghostbusters vr
It's just... nobody has VR, though. | © Ghostbusters VR

The Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 was cute, but honestly... most of the games feel gimmicky. Note: Most of them, not all of them, because the upcoming Ghostbusters VR game does feel legit, and if you don't want to believe, do watch the trailer to convince yourself:

Cringe cosmetics that scream microtransactions aside, this game does look legit, and it gives me serious Left 4 Dead vibes. Of course, finding three other friends that actually have a VR headset is going to be the true challenge here.

Ghostbusters VR Game Announced

The game will be set in San Francisco, but rather than running through the usual Ghostbusters story, with the familiar characters, this game will have players run their own ghost-hunter business. So this is all brand-new content and not necessarily tied to the IP.

Still, all the iconic equipment we've come to know and love from the Ghostbusters series, will still be a part of the game: The proton pack, of course, is at the forefront of said equipment.

Currently, we don't have much more on the game, other than the trailer, and we also do not have a release date, though it's been mentioned that all the games from the showcase are due to be released next year, so it's likely when we can expect Ghostbusters VR to drop in 2023 as well.