Assassin's Creed Project Revealed: Indian & Aztec Timelines, Plus Standalone Co-Op Game

Many new Assassin's Creed projects have been revealed by an inside source. The plans include new exciting settings and dedicated multiplayer experiences.

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Many more Assassin's Creed project revealed! | © Ubisoft

For quite a while it's been quiet around the AC franchise with the last release Assassin's Creed Valhalla already being almost 3 years old. Finally, this year we will get our next adventure as an assassin again, and that's seemingly not all Ubisoft has planned for us.

We already know of 4 games: AC Mirage, Codename Red, Codename Hexe & Codename Jade. Besides these games, there will be a multiplayer experience called Project Invictus, and although not announced yet Project Nexus / the VR Game. Now an inside source has given Insider Gaming the scoop on even more games that could be coming.

AC Projects: New Settings And Co-Op

There seem to be 4 new AC games coming. Apparently Ubisoft is going all in on Assassin's Creed again! In fact, with this many games, the developer might even go back to a yearly release schedule, which was how AC worked in the early years. Now, let me explain the new projects for you.

In my opinion the most interesting project called Nebula comes from Ubisoft Sofia. They have pitched a game with three different settings! Yep, Project Nebula will be an AC set in India, the Aztec Empire and the Mediterranean. No idea, how they could be connected in one game though, especially since they are nowhere close to one another.

Next up Ubisoft Chengdu has the idea for a free-to-play 4 player co-op game. Project Raid would be a PVE experience with characters from the AC universe. As a F2P game the most likely monetization is a Gacha system similar to Genshin Impact.

Another future game might be a complete multiplayer experience by Ubisoft Annecy. You might know this studio for previous AC's multiplayer modes or Splinter Cell. According to the insider, Project Echoes will be based on the Ubisoft Scalar Technology, which is cloud based. And we all know great cloud-based services are, right?

Lastly it seems plans are already moving for a sequel to a game Ubisoft hasn't even announced yet. You guessed correctly: Project Nexus 2, the VR game, is already being discussed. Funny to think about a sequel at this time, but I guess the company is really confident in the game.

As a quick recap here are the tentative release dates:

GameRelease DateGame Type
MirageAugust 2023Singleplayer
NexusLate 2023

So the next few years seem pretty booked, and with these new titles to enjoy, we won't get a long break from Assassin's Creed again. But first we have Assassin's Creed Mirage to look forward to!

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