Atomic Heart DLC Confirmed And It's Coming Surprisingly Soon!

The first Atomic Heart DLC has been confirmed! And it will be released sooner than anyone could have expected.

Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart DLC is confirmed! | © Mundfish

Atomic Heart confirmed their first DLC with a short teaser on 2nd May 2023 - only two months after release! In the 20-second video, they reveal the release date. We can also see from the teaser that it will be about previously undiscovered secrets of Facility 3826. Starting underwater, we get a very short tour, through the new area that stretches through branching roads to the sky.

Atomic Heart DLC Teaser

The trailer doesn't really tell us much yet - except that we can expect the DLC this summer! So, all we can do now is patiently wait to explore Facility 3826 in the summer. What secrets will we discover and what enemies will we have to face? Who knows.

Take a look:

If you ask me, the underwater sequence brings back memories of Bioshock, and that makes me all the more curious.