Awesome Games Done Quick 2023: Speedrun Event Raises $2.6 Million For Charity

The Awesome Games Done Quick Event just ended and raised a total of $2.6 Million for charity. Here are our highlights and what's up next.

AGDQ 2023
AGDQ 2023 raised quite a lot of money... | © GDQ

Like every year, the big speedrun event Awesome Games Done Quick took place in 2023. The event started on January 8 and ran every day for 24 hours straight until January 15. As usual, tons of games were presented as speedruns during the event and professionally commented. During the runs, spectators could send donations to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

To create a certain incentive, extra speedruns, certain characters or similar could of course be unlocked with donation goals again. The event was once again a huge success and shows that the somewhat nerdy speedrunner scene is pretty damn cool.

$2.6 Million For The Prevent Cancer Foundation

This time around the AGDQ 2023 raised a total of $2,642,493 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation – not as much as last year ($3.4 million) but still a lot. The event featured about 150 speedruns from Crash Bandicoot, Cuphead, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania to weirder stuff like PowerWash Simulator, or I'm going to die if I don't eat Sushi (yes, that is a game).

Once again, we had a lot of fun at the event and if you haven't watched AGDQ 2023 live on Twitch, you should definitely catch up on some cool runs. All runs are of course also available on the official Games Done Quick YouTube channel. Just click your way through. We can definitely recommend the Cuphead 300% Run or the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Race, where Jhay even set a new world record.

When will the next Games Done Quick Event Take Place?

The next big speedrun event will be Summer Games Done Quick 2023 which takes place from May 28 to June 4. SGDQ 2022 raised a total of $3.01 million for Doctors Without Borders, and we can't wait to see if we can crack that in 2023.

If you are actually a speedrunner yourself and want to show off your favorite game at SGDQ 2023, you can check out how to attend here.

  • If you destroyed another controller while training your latest speedrun just get a new one!

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