Overwatch 2 Story Mode: Release Window, Gameplay, Story, Everything We Know

The Overwatch 2 story mode was one of the most anticipated features for the re-release of the game last year. Sadly the long awaited story mode got postponed to 2023. Here is everything we already know about the release, the gameplay and the plot of the Overwatch 2 story mode.

OW2 Blizzcon 2019 Screenshot Items Gameplay 02
Overwatch 2 story mode: Release Window, Gameplay and Story | © Blizzard Entertainment

The long-awaited Overwatch 2 story mode is finally coming out this year. Although it's not too long now, the PVE mode has taken a hell of a long time to release, especially considering that it was originally supposed to come out with the big update in 2022.

This new cooperative story mode will completely change the game. Fans are curious to see what to expect from this new feature. With new gameplay mechanics and a compelling story, players will get to enjoy the game in a whole new way.

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Overwatch 2 PvE Mode Release Date

Blizzard has already announced that we can look forward to the release of the long-awaited PvE mode this year. Although we don't have an official release date for the mode yet, it will most likely launch with the start of a new season. Based on the fact that the third season is about to start in the beginning of February, and we haven't gotten any clues yet, the earliest possible release date would be the start of the fourth season, which will probably take place in April 2023.

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What To Expect Of The Gameplay

We've already got a peak of what the PvE gameplay in Overwatch 2 might look like. Cause every year, when the spooky season starts, we get access to Junkenstein's Revenge, the co-op PvE mode of the annual Halloween Terror Event. When we got to play the sequel last year, it was an amazing experience.

Junkenstein's Revenge: Wrath of the Bride, did a fantastic job with storytelling and creating a spooky atmosphere for the thrilling co-op game mode.

If future PvE missions in Overwatch 2 will be on this level, I'm all for it. It offered a variety of locations, different kinds of combat, an amazing story and soundtracks.

Overwatch 2 Pv E Gameplay Null Sector Forces
Overwatch 2 PvE is gonna be wild | © Blizzard Entertainment

Back in 2019, we already got to take a look at the upcoming PvE missions at the BlizzCon, when Overwatch 2 was announced by Jeff Kaplan. The presentation showed clips of several story missions, including one that featured Mei, Tracer, Reinhardt and Lucio.

In another clip, they showed a map where certain cities were highlighted, and Reinhardt says "We have to fight, one city at a time". The highlighted locations were Route 66, Toronto, Paris, Ilios, Busan and Rio de Janeiro. As a conclusion of the gameplay trailer, these cities seem like the places where the heroes must face the Null-Sector forces in co-op missions.

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Plot & Storyline – What The Missions Will Be About

One of the best things about Overwatch is the lore. Blizzard made sure that fans can explore the deep and intertwined stories of all Overwatch characters through epic short movies and well-designed comics or short stories. With the upcoming story mode, we will soon get another medium in which the heroes' stories will be told.

The plot of the upcoming game mode will mainly revolve around Overwatch 2's heroes having to team up and stop several uprisings of the deadly Null-Sector forces around the globe and uncover the secrets behind them.

Since the latest released hero Ramattra is the Null-Sector's leader, it would only make sense that he plays a significant role in the missions. People are also speculating if he could be one of the bosses, that players must face.

We may also get some individual story missions for specific heroes, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

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