Overwatch 2 New Heroes That Might Come In 2023

In Overwatch 2, a new hero is added every other season. Although there is no official announcement about upcoming heroes for 2023 yet, here is a list of heroes that have the potential to be added to the roster soon.

Overwatch 2 Dae Hyun
Overwatch 2: New Heroes That Might Come In 2023. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Every other season of Overwatch 2, a new hero is added to the game. While the latest hero Ramattra was added with season 2 in December, Blizzard has not yet published anything official about upcoming heroes for 2023. Since Overwatch didn't have seasons in the original game and new heroes were added randomly, fans now show great anticipation for each upcoming season and have something to look forward to.

Because the Overwatch lore is so complex and detailed, there are many characters that never appeared in the game, but a lot of players want to see these characters from the lore become heroes.

Potential New Overwatch 2 Heroes In 2023

There are many characters who have appeared in the lore but not the actual game yet, and we expect many of these characters to become Heroes this year. Here's a list of the most likely candidates.


Alright, most of you probably know him, as many fans thought he was the new hero for season 2, which later turned out to be Ramattra. Of course, that doesn't mean Mauga is out of the race. His exciting backstory and great character design still suggest that he must have a future in the Overwatch lineup.

Overwatch 2 Mauga and Baptiste
Mauga and Baptiste fought together in a Talon operation. | © Blizzard Entertainment

The Talon heavy assault tank was originally intended to be Hero 31, but as the design for the new hero came together, Blizzard decided that it didn't suit Mauga's personality and instead created an entirely new hero, Sigma. But Geoff Goodman and Joshua Noh stated, that they still plan on making him a playable hero in Overwatch.

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Maximilien is one of Talon's highest members. His rank and wealth give him a lot of power and influence. He was already part of the Storm Rising event in Overwatch, where he was captured in order to give information about Doomfist. The omnic is quite the popular character among fans and could definitely make a decent hero in the game.

Overwatch 2 Maximilien
Maximilien is a noble omnic that runs the Casino Monaco. | © Blizzard Entertainment

However, it's unclear what his style of combat would look like, as we've never seen him fight. Nevertheless, his sophisticated character design and attributes leave a lot of room for some exciting fighting mechanics.

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Yōkai Members

With the start of Overwatch 2 and the introduction of Kiriko, the Yōkai have gained a lot of fans as well. The Yōkai are a small group of young ninjas that fight against the Hashimoto clan to protect the people of Kanezaka. In Kiriko's origin story, we got to take a look at some of the members of the group, and very quickly they found a lot of fans in the Overwatch 2 community who want to see them in the game. The Yōkai all have unique looks and abilities, which makes them a perfect fit for potential Overwatch heroes in the future.

YOKAI Overwatch 2
Fans want to see more Yokai members in the game. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Who do you think, will join the Overwatch 2 roster this year? Is there anyone, we have missed? If you want to stay up to date with everything new in Overwatch 2, feel free to check out more articles.

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