Baldur's Gate 3: Should You Trust Karlach Or Anders?

Sometimes it can be tricky to know who you can trust in Baldur's Gate 3. The same might apply to you when you meet Karlach and Anders. But don't worry, we've got your back!

Hunt The Devil Guide Bg3
Will you decide to hunt the devil? | © Larian Studios / Screenshot Gameplay

While Hunt the Devil may be a relatively short quest, it might lead you to a slight moral dilemma, especially depending on who you meet first.

Karlach and Anders both tell you that the other one is evil, but who is telling the truth? Are both of them are lying to you?

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Who will you trust: Karlach or Anders?

Who To Trust In BG3: Karlach Or Anders?

Where To Find Karlach

One of the first ways you can find out about Karlach is through Wyll, who you can meet at the Druids Grove. Wyll, aka the Blade of Frontiers, will tell you how hellbent (sorry for the pun) he is on killing the devil Karlach, who is said to be a danger to everyone near them.

If you meet Wyll and find out about Karlach this way, you'll also unlock the quest "The Blade of Frontiers", which wants you to look for Karlach.

Even if you don't meet Wyll beforehand, or you decide not to help him, you can still find Karlach and decide what to do with her yourself.

Karlach can be found alone on the Risen Road, a path that leads to the north, located between the Druids Grove and the Blighted Village.

At this point you can either decide to meet Karlach first, or continue down the road to meet some Paladins, including Anders, in order to get the quest "Kill the Devil".

Who Is Telling The Truth

BG3 Wyll and Karlach meet
Wyll isn't too big of a fan of Karlach at first. | © Larian Studios / screenshot gameplay

If you decide to wander down the road, all the way to the Abandoned Tollhouse, you can find some Paladins inside, one of them being Anders. Striking up a conversation with him will reveal that him and his company are hunting a devil known as Karlach.

This story will be confirmed, even if you talk to Karlach first. You can find her, by following a trail of blood to the east of the Abandoned Tollhouse.

Anders claims that Karlach is an evil murderer, and Karlach claims the same about Anders, so who can you trust?

Karlach, the so-called devil, will tell you that she has been forced to fight in the Blood War on Avernus for Zariel, though she no longer wishes to work for Zariel.

By helping Karlach kill Anders, you would help her escape her past life as a brutal combatant in a war she does not wish to be a part of.

Anders on the other hand will tell you, that he wishes to stop Karlach, as she is a brutal, dangerous killer who will harm anyone and everyone who is near her.

A simple investigation roll while talking to Anders will reveal that not all of Anders' tragic backstory is true, and instead he is working for the Archdevil Zariel, whose grasp Karlach is trying to escape.

Should You Kill Karlach Or Anders?

Bg3 Karlach 4
Karlach's situation isn't as black and white as it first seems. | © Larian Studios / screenshot gameplay

As is the case most of the time in Baldur's Gate 3, there is no right or wrong answer here.

Talking to both NPC's will give you the feeling, that neither of them are quite telling the truth to you upfront. This might make the decision a bit trickier for you, than you might have originally expected.

If you decide to spare Karlach's life and help her get rid of the paladins, she can join your party and become one of your companions, as she too is infected with a Parasite. If you want, you can even romance her later on.

Killing the paladins won't have any direct consequences, but they can be a bit tricky to fight, depending on when you encounter them.

Should Wyll have joined you on your journey to get rid of your tadpoles, sparing Karlach may soon have consequences for Wyll.

On the other hand, if you choose to kill Karlach and bring her head to Anders, he will bestow a rare, two-handed sword upon you, and you will also receive gold and XP.

As killing Karlach is a part of Wyll's sworn oath, you will also receive a reward through his quest later on.

Personally, I decided to spare Karlach's life, since I wanted the barbarian to join my party. But, if I were taking a darker, more evil path, I probably would have sided with Anders. What will you decide to do?

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