Battlefield 2042: Season 1 | Release Date, New Maps, & More

Battlefield 2042, despite a terrible launch, is being continually supported by EA. A Season of content is coming. But when is the Season 1 release date? And what kind of new content can we expect?
Battlefield 2042 Season 1
When is Season 1 going down? | © EA

Battlefield 2042 was the butt of every joke when it launched, and it hasn't exactly improved, but at least the devs continue to support and improve the game. Will they turn it around, or will it remain trash?

We'll really have until Season 1 to find out. But when is Season 1 released? And what new content can we expect with the launch of this new season?

When Is The Release Date For BF2042's Season 1?

After previously only been given an "early summer" release date, DICE has now confirmed that Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 will arrive in "early June". This was revealed alongside the release of Update 0.4.1 which was released on May 18 and was mainly focused on quality of life and bug fixes. The one major change was the removal of 128-player servers for the Breakthrough game mode.

What New Maps Are Coming In Season 1?

Rather than a new map, they will rework Kaleidoscope in Season 1. They're primarily focused on making the map better for Conquest and Breakthrough by repositioning the flags. We have a full write-up on the changes here, but you can see what they plan to do beneath.

Here's how Kaleidoscope will look in Conquest:

Kaleidoscope Conquest
It's a promising change. | © EA

Bringing the objectives closer together should help, but this isn't exactly the rework we were hoping for with new buildings and such.

Here's how Kaleidoscope will look in Breakthrough:

Kaleidoscope breakthrough
This could hugely improve the game mode. | © EA

The idea here is to bring objectives closer together. This should resolve quite a few issues, but we still need them to actually design new pieces of cover to create lanes of play.

What New Specialists Are Coming In Season 1?

We expect one new Specialist to arrive in Season 1, as early marketing for the game suggested, it would be a new specialist per season, but we don't know anything about the new character yet. It's hard to get excited, given how broken and imbalanced the Specialists feel compared to one another, but we'll hold off on judgement just yet.

And before you ask, there has unfortunately been no suggestion that we are getting new weapons or vehicles in Season 1. Yep, it's going to be a disappointing season when it does eventually come. Why not just throw the towel in and play the parody version of BF2042? It's even better than the original...