Top 5 Best and Funniest Skyrim Bugs and Glitches

skyrim bugs and glitches
Skyrim is a decade old, and it's time to celebrate. Here are the funniest bugs and glitches from this classic game! | © Bethesda

Skyrim has many funny bugs and glitches. The game is littered with problems, flying giants, and tons of bizarre bugs that only serve to make the game better, and better and better. Here are five of the best and funnies bugs and glitches in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Let's tune in...

Do you like Dragons riding Giants? Do you like Giants riding Dragons? Do you like arrows in the knee? Do you like decade-old memes, and do you like Skyrim? Come on, guys, everybody likes Skyrim! Who wouldn't? It's a triumph of an RPG, and still one of the best open-world games of all time. Seriously, guys, if you haven't played it yet, then you should crawl out from under that rock and play it now. Even its bugs and glitches are awesome! Case in point: here are the top 5 best and funniest Skyrim bugs and glitches!

Do you remember how hilarious Skyrim's various bugs and glitches were? Well, we could be in for more hilarity when The Elder Scrolls VI releases. Here are the most recent details...

Best & Funniest Skyrim Bugs & Glitches No. 5: The Giant Chicken

Don't be a chicken, and check out this giant chicken! There are some pretty fantastic bugs and glitches in Skyrim, but this one really takes the coop by surprise! Whatever you do, leave that chicken alone, or it's gonna grow bigger than your mama's SUV. Holy chicken-zilla, that's one big Sunday Roast! It'll feed the fam' for months to come. You better build a bloody big oven. Good luck plucking this bad-boy.

Best & Funniest Skyrim Bugs & Glitches No. 4: The Bucket

It might have been patched out of the game, but when it was still there, it was an absolute killer. If you placed a bucket over the head of an NPC, it would obstruct their vision, allowing you to loot to your hearts content... with no repercussions. How neat is that? Sadly, this fabulous glitch was removed in a patch way-back-when, and we have missed it for the better part of a decade. Still. Nostalgia, right?

Best & Funniest Skyrim Bugs & Glitches No. 3: The Giant Riding a Dragon

Yes, this is a thing. Giants have, from time to time, known to ride Dragons in Skyrim. This glitch is simultaneously one of the most terrifying and hilarious bugs in the game. Seriously, how horrifying is the idea of a Dragon which, once killed, drops a Giant off its back. These are two of the most powerful enemies in the game, and there's something unbelievably scary about them teaming up. It does look pretty funny, though.

Best & Funniest Skyrim Bugs & Glitches No. 2: The Headless

What the actual hell is this? A headless Dragonborn? What's wrong with that? Nothing, to be honest. It's just simply another hilarious Skyrim Glitch that should stay forever, and should always grace us with its presence. Is there really anything else to say about this one? It's just full of laughs, and is a perfect reason to make a return to the game. Your character might have no head, but when has this stopped you before? Just make sure not to run around like a headless chicken. Sorry. That was a bad joke.

Best & Funniest Skyrim Bugs & Glitches No. 1: The Giant Launch

No list of the best and funniest Skyrim bugs and glitches would be complete without this classic glitch. Something that anyone who has ever played Skyrim has definitely run into once or twice. When a Giant hits you, you launch into the sky, your dead body flopping around like crazy. Absolutely fantastic. Absolutely hilarious. The perfect way to end this perfect article.

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