An Open-World Bionicle Game Is Finally Coming!

Team Kanohi have built an open-world Bionicle game in the Unreal Engine. No, we're not joking. A massive Bionicle game is actually happening. The game is already available to add to your Steam wishlist and a demo is due to be released shortly. We've got all the details below.

Bionicles were one of Lego's flagship products in the early 2000s. For the uninitiated, these were more combative, action-man-esque models than Lego ordinarily produced. They came in tubes, had to be assembled like other Lego products, and were available in a series, which encouraged kids to get the full set. I was the proud owner of three of the original six Toa warriors, but alas pocket money in 2001 would only stretch so far. If I were to buy all six today, it would set me back about $300. Don't worry readers, I'm saving. And you'll have gathered from that price that Bionicles have garnered a cult following. So, this is huge news.

What Is This New Bionicle Game?

Team Kanohi have made an open-world game called 'Bionicle: Masks of Power' set on the island of Mata Nui, you'll assume the role of at-least one of the Toa, and face the ultimate enemy - Makuta. Basically, the Bionicle story. While the spin-off products produced rich lore for the Bionicle universe, it's good to see this first game deal with the classic characters from that world.

The devs have provided a short description of the game:

[...] open-world adventure set in the BIONICLE universe, reliving the legend of the mighty Toa and their perilous quest to collect the kanohi masks of power, free the islanders of Mata Nui, and defeat the evil Makuta!

They've even provided a sweet teaser trailer you can watch beneath:

The game is listed on Steam as 'coming soon', and a demo should be available soon as well. Sadly, we think this will be a PC exclusive though, at least to start with.

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When Is The New Bionicle Game Going To Be Released?

Bionicle Masks of Power does not have an official release date yet but we suspect it won't be too much longer, more months than years at least. It sounds fantastic, so we do recommend you check it out. Which of the Toa are you going to want to play first? Im a Lewa man myself, and we saw him in the teaser trailer so fingers crossed...

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