Bloodhunt Archetypes Tier List: Best Character In Battle Royale

Which character type is best in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt?
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Every Archetype in Bloodhunt ranked from best to worst. | © Sharkmob

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is a brand new battle royale from developer Sharkmob. Players take on the form of vampires, battling it out on the moonlit streets of modern-day Prague with a variety of weapons and mechanics that give a fresh, blood-curdling, twist to the battle royale genre.

One aspect that separates Bloodhunt from many other games available is in its Archetypes, the name given to the various vampire characters you can inhabit.

Knowing which is the best archetype in Bloodhunt is an important aspect if you want to rule over Prague and grind the game's ranked mode and with the help of this Bloodhunt Archetype tier list you will know each's relative power.

Bloodhunt Archetype Tier List

Bloodhunt tier list
Bloodhunt currently has seven Archetypes (characters) in the game. | © Sharkmob

Archetypes are split into four clans: Venture, Brujah, Nosferatu, and Toreador and in total, there are seven Archetypes (characters), each of which has different passive and active abilities. Players can also upgrade their Archetypes by completing matches as them, which allows you to upgrade their skills and abilities. Each Archetype has a Passive, Clan, and Archetype Power.

The addition of new archetypes has been confirmed by the developers, and we will continue to update this tier list as they become available. The most recent addition is Enforcer, who was included with the global launch of the game.

List of Bloodhunt Archetypes

The following Archetypes are available in Bloodhunt as of May 16, 2022.

  • Brute (Brujah / DPS)
  • Enforcer (Venture / Tank)
  • Muse (Toreador / Healer)
  • Prowler (Nosferatu / Scout)
  • Saboteur (Nosferatu / Support DPS)
  • Siren (Toreador / Support)
  • Vandal (Brujah / DPS)

Each Archetype can be leveled up to 20, with nine potential perks to be unlocked for each. Unlocking comes through playing games with points given for kills, placement, assists, diableries, and damage done. Because the Perks can change the power of the Archetype, we are going to consider each with what we deem as their best perk.

But remember, you may not yet have access to this perk, so you may find that they aren't quite as powerful as stated. For example, at level 14, the Prowler can equip Creeper, which increases their walking speed with crouched making them a sneaky opponent to come up against. We will note the best Perk for each Archetype as we detail our reasons for their place in our tier list.

Bloodhunt Archetype Tier List


  • Brute

Coming in at the top is the Brute, hailing from the Brujah clan and thus gifting them the Soaring Leap ability, the Brute is an easy-to-use Archetype that is good for both solo and squad games. Their Soaring Leap is perfect for moving quickly across Prague and their True Grit is a passive heal that restores their health to half when out of combat - perfect for endgame scenarios when grabbing a bag to heal can prove dangerous.

The Brute is part of the Brujah clan. | © Sharkmob

Their Shockwave Punch is a bullet shield that works best in a squad. His Knight perk (unlocked at level 20) starts Brute out with 50 Armor and a spare.


  • Saboteur

The Saboteur is Bloodhunt's best stealth character but don't for a second think that means they can't dish out some serious pain. With melee combat proving so effective, getting up close to your opponent, without them knowing, is very much in the Bloodhunt meta.

Saboteur's passive makes them invisible while crouched, allowing you to perch atop a building unseen. Coupled with their Clan Power, Vanish, which allows you to become invisible and move faster, and Saboteur is a very tricky opponent to track down, capable of coming up on enemies unseen and unleashing devastating blows with their chosen melee weapon. They also possess Sewer Bomb traps which unleash noxious gas when an enemy gets within proximity, perfect for endgame situations when the playing area shrinks to nothing.

We suggest the Impervious perk, unlocked at level 12, which offers a short period of immunity from the red gas.


  • Prowler
  • Enforcer
  • Vandal

Another Nosferatu type is Prowler, who is the game's best scouting character. Their passive, which reveals severely wounded enemies, is great for hunting down easy pickings and their Archetype Power, Scouting Famulus, sends out bats that reveal opponents. However, while these abilities excel in the early game, their effectiveness reduces as time goes on when you would rather have a few more damage-dealing threats at hand. We suggest the level 3 unlock which rewards you with 2 Phlegmatic blood resonances at the outset of the game, reducing the cooldown of your Archetype Power and giving you more scouting time.

Next up is the Enforcer, the newest Archetype to the game. The Enforcer is a well-balanced character and great for solo play. His Clan Power, Flesh of Marble, gives him invulnerability for a short time - as long as you aren't attacking, while his Subjagating Presence passive is an always-on nerf to nearby opponents, slowing their movement speed and making melee attacks easier. This pairs nicely with his Unyielding Charge which allows you to rush an opponent, dealing damage, and silencing your opponent - a period when they can't use any vampiric abilities. We suggest the Knight bonus again - in Enforcer's case - unlocked at level 12.

The Vandal is a similar character to the Enforcer but maybe not quite as effective. Another from the Brujah clan, Vandal is all about closing the distance and swinging those melee weapons. Their Earth Shock sends you flying forward, dealing damage to anyone who happens to be near, while their Adrenaline Rush Passive, gives them damage resistance when close. Pair this with the Sanguine perk to increase health regeneration allowing you to stay in the fight for longer.


  • Muse

Muse is the game's one true healing character but with healing being so plentiful; from blood bags, perks, and feeding on AI, her effectiveness is not entirely realized. Able to heal herself and her teammates with Rejuvenating Voice is powerful, especially in squad-based game modes, and her Final Act passive, which allows her to instantly refresh cooldowns and enable the use of powers when downed, is both unique and powerful. But those abilities you are cooling down aren't all that powerful, and the powers you can use while downed are far from effective. If you do pick them, go with the Knight perk unlocked at level 18.


At the bottom of our Bloodhunt Archetype tier list is Siren. From the Toreador clan and functionally a support character, Siren doesn't do a huge amount of effective work.

The Siren and Muse are part of the Toreador clan. | © Sharkmob

Her most powerful ability is her Archetype, Blinding Beauty, which creates a flashbang effect that also damages nearby opponents. Her Passive though is particularly weak, charming nearby civilians making feeding on them easier and with no risk of being bloodhunted. However, this skill loses effectiveness as the game progresses and as you learn the game, the risk of being discovered is minimized by your general play. She also has the Clan Power, Projection Dash, which is the weakest of all movement abilities. If you are determined to go Siren we suggest the Choleric perk which will allow you to use Blinding Beauty more often.