Fortnite Killer, Bloodhunt, Available For Free Now

A new Battle Royale set in a Vampire universe is now available to play for free. Here's how to get the game, plus our opinion on whether it's worth it.

It's hero-based like Apex, but those heroes are divided into clans, like XDefiant. | © Sharkmob

Do you love Battle Royale games? What about scantily clad Vampires? Of course, you do! And we have the perfect game to combine those two things. You know what makes it even better? It's completely free and available for download now. Here's how to get Bloodhunt, and a basic overview of what's going on in this game.

What Platforms Can You Play Bloodhunt On?

Bloodhunt is available for PS5 and PC for free, but unfortunately it is not available for old-gen consoles or the Xbox. You can download Bloodhunt for free on PS5 here, and from Steam here.

While a lack of backwards compatibility is annoying, it has been a couple of years since the PS5 was released.

How Does Bloodhunt Work?

Bloodhunt is a Battle Royale set in Prague, during an ongoing war-between Vampire clans, and it's probably most similar to Apex Legends. You can choose to play as one of seven different hero archetypes (Enforcer, Brute, Vandal, Saboteur, Muse, Siren, Prowler), and each one has their own unique set of abilities. Bloodhunt plays out in the same way as the Battle Royales we know:

  • You land on the map, collect equipment, then fight to be the last left standing as the map slowly shrinks.
  • There is a Warzone-like economy system, with money to collect and shops to spend it at.
  • You can play the game solo or in a three-person squad.
  • There is a ranked mode available to play at launch.
  • The game is a live-service that breaks the year down into seasons, and for each season you can grind out a Battle Pass.
  • The game is set in the present day, so you're normally going to be using AKs and M4s, but your abilities offer supernatural attacking options.
  • This BR plays with verticality more than most because it's set in a city. You can climb and jump on everything.

Look, if you've played a BR, you'll be right at home. And if you haven't, well it's not that complicated, just try and survive.

Here's what the Prague map looks like:

Map of Prague
Using the river as a natural border is smart, it should prevent border-camping as much as possible. | © Sharkmob

Is Bloodhunt Any Good?

Bloodhunt is a solid Battle Royale, which has tried fairly successfully to combine the best elements from other BRs into an original setting. But the setting won't be to everyone's taste, and it still clearly needs developmental polish. It's free, though, so you have nothing to lose, but we really do see this having a successful future. And don't be turned off by vampires, as we said, most of the time you will be fighting with ordinary weapons.

What do you think? Worth giving it a go? Or, are you still playing this year's Game of the Year?