Ubisoft Reveals New Multiplayer Shooter Project Q [UPDATE]

Ubisoft's new multiplayer shooter called Project Q was first leaked by Tom Henderson. Now the publisher officially revealed the upcoming game.

Ubisoft Reveals New Multiplayer Shooter Project Q
Ubisoft is working on a new multiplayer game inspired by Overwatch. | © Ubisoft

[Update, April 24]

A few days ago we reported on another Tom Henderson leak, wherein the notorious and credible leaker revealed a new multiplayer shooter by Ubisoft called "Project Q" (you can read all about the leak below in this article). Now the publisher has come out and officially confirmed that the leak was true! Ubisoft officially revealed their upcoming multiplayer arena shooter Project Q.

Ubisoft's Multiplayer Shooter Project Q Starting Playtests Soon

Ubisoft officially revealed Project Q on Twitter and yes, it's a multiplayer arena shooter just like the leak said it would be. They haven't said much about it yet, and outside of the tweet we didn't get any official communication yet. However, Ubisoft did reveal an interesting detail in their announcment...

‍Introducing codename “Project Q”, a team battle arena letting players truly own the experience!

By the way, this is not a Battle Royale. The game will feature a variety of PvP modes with one single goal in mind: FUN!

The game is in early development and we will keep testing, so for now all you can do is register for upcoming tests

So no, Project Q is not going to be a battle royale game, despite Henderson's claims. And that's alright, since Ubisoft failed with one attempt at that genre and is already preparing the next stab at it. So another battle royale wouldn't have made much sense anyway. Project Q is going to be a different beast and it definitely sounds promising. Check out more details on the game below, and if you want to try it out, you can register here for upcoming playtests.

[Original Article, April 21]

I like to start these articles by saying "another week, another Tom Henderson leak" and yes, that is again the case here. But now I'll think of something new: "Another week, another battle royale game by Ubisoft." Yes my friends, it's the wet dream of a modern video games journalist: Tom Henderson revealed a new Ubisoft battle royale game.

Ubisoft Working On New Battle Royale Game

Everyone's favorite workplace is working on another battle royale? Yes, that seems to be the case, according to Tom Henderson. If you don't know Mr. Henderson, then let me just say that he is one of the most reliable leakers and reporters in the industry. What he says and reveals comes true, it's basically gospel. And today's revelation is about a new battle royale arena shooter by Ubisoft, internally called "Project Q".

Here's what Henderson reveals about the upcoming game:

Project Q has two game modes; one is called “Showdown,” which is the game’s take on a Battle Royale consisting of only four teams of two players. The second mode, named “Battle Zone,” is the game’s Battle Arena mode, where players need to reach 100 points in order to win with two teams of four players. The objective of Battle Zone is to control an area of the map for as long as possible, somewhat similar to Call of Duty’s Hardpoint game mode.

Players get to pick their heroes’ own weapons, abilities, and skills, with a player being able to pick three individual “Wonders” that can be mixed and matched.

From the first impressions of those that have played the game, it’s clearly still in very early stages of development and the game has been compared closely to the likes of Overwatch

So to cap off: it's supposed to be like a battle royale but only has eight players per match, you have unlockable and customizable weapons, abilities and loadouts and overall it feels a lot like Overwatch, tonally and gameplay-wise. Well, to be honest this sounds pretty interesting! Definitely more interesting than Ubisoft's less inspired attempts at battle royales. Arena shooters kind of get a bad rep, but Overwatch was amazing at launch and if Ubisoft nail this, it could be a pretty fun game.