Bloodhunt Shut Down Ranked Mode Over Balance Issues

Bloodhunt's Ranked mode has been shut down but when will it return?
Vampire ranked end
Bloodhunt's Ranked mode has been switched off until further notice. | © Sharkmob

The developers behind Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt have taken the decision to bring a halt to the game's ranked mode as it grapples with how to successfully balance the game.

Since its launch, PlayStation 5/controller players have complained that the game is too hard when up against keyboard and mouse players, a problem that developers, Sharkmob, have admitted to with an update expected in June that is set to drastically alter the way playing on a controller works in Bloodhunt.

hers have complained that melee attacks and shotguns are too powerful, and that perfect storm has fed into the decision to close the competitive game mode down until they can be addressed in the June update.

After careful evaluation, we have decided to pause Ranked mode temporarily until the new update arrives. We hope the new balance changes and gamepad improvements will increase the mode's popularity again and make matchmaking viable once more.
Sharkmob on Twitter

Bloodhunt's Ranked Mode Switched Off - But When Will It Come Back?

Bloodhunt's Ranked mode is off as of May 25. The first time it will likely return is with the June Community Update which is expected in the "second week of June" but currently has no fixed date.

The update is largely focused on improving controller supports with changes to aim and turn assist, sensitivity, and response curve, all of which have been the source of complaints for PlayStation players.

Nerfs are also expected for shotguns which have proven particularly powerful and the bloodhunt timer is expected to be reduced.

Fans of the game will be disappointed with the removal of ranked but thankfully the casual "Bloodhunt" playlist remains.

Let's hope Sharkmob works out the kinks because Bloodhunt has brought something unique to the rather stale battle royale market.

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