Bloodhunt June Update: Release Date, Shotgun Nerf, Controller Changes, Patch Notes, More

Bloodhunt's June Community Update is set to make some major changes to shotguns and improve controller support.
Bloodhunt is getting a substantial update in June. | © Sharkmob

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt has carved itself a nice spot in the crowded battle royale market featuring creative character design and addictive gameplay there is no doubt that the title will shelf-life that any Nosferatu would be proud of.

The game is currently in its first season, and regular updates have been released since but nothing substantive. That is set to change, however, as the developers, Sharkmob, have announced Bloodhunt's June Community Update that has some pretty cool things going on. Here is everything you need to know

Bloodhunt June Community Update - Release Date

The Bloodhunt June Community Update now has an official release date, after initially being told the "second week of June", the developers now claim the update will be released on Wednesday, June 8.

Bloodhunt Controller Improvements

One of the major issues the game is currently facing is its implementation of controller support, with many on PlayStation 5 finding the game frustrating when it comes to aim assist and sensitivity. It was so bad that the developers disabled cross-play for a time.

As you can probably tell, Sharkmob understand there is a problem and the June Community Update is expected to address many of those concerns.

"The quickest and biggest changes we could safely push are a part of this patch," said Sharkmob dev Gustav Stigenius.

"We have tweaked the current system, replaced our dynamic response curve with a more traditional exponential curve, set the acceleration to a fixed speed and adjusted the AA to fit what we have. We feel like this is a great step in the right direction."

Gustav also details changes to the aim assist and turn assist which should make PlayStation/controller players more competitive.

Bloodhunt June Community Update Patch Notes

There is also a number of balance changes, bug fixes, and a rework of the game's shotguns to make them far less deadly. There is also the addition of Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for PS5 which will help improve performance on the console.


  • Clarified which outfits are clan-specific in the Battle Pass and the flash store

Balance Changes

  • We’re still finalizing values, so we can’t share details with you yet, but here are the things we are focusing on when it comes to balance changes:
  • Bloodhunted timer decreased
  • Flesh of Marble duration decrease (note that additional balance adjustments are in development but are too risky to release in this patch)
  • Revive invulnerability timer increase to mitigate grieving
  • Melee lifesteal decreased
  • Shotgun rebalance (damage falloff, spread for higher rarity variants, etc.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing performance issues if the player didn’t skip the intro cinematic
  • PS5 - Fixed an issue that was causing some Founders Edition items to disappear after the player had unlocked a Battle pass item
  • PS5 – The adaptive triggers no longer get stuck in an unintended “activated” state
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to sometimes respawn inside the Red Gas
  • The Saboteur’s “Unseen Passage” activation sound effect and visual effect no longer unintentionally repeat during certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Earthshock power that prevented you from targeting directly below you
  • Decreased the chances of an issue occurring that caused the matchmaker to sometimes fail to find a player for your team in group modes
  • The Trophy/Achievement “From Prague to Malmö” has been fixed (finally!)
  • Players no longer lose all ammunition when picking up a weapon of the same caliber while reloading (aka the reload bug)

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