Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Amazon Sale Features Brand New AAA Games

A Huge Amazon sale features games like Modern Warfare 2, Elden Ring, Ghost of Tsushima and many more.

Modern Warfare 2 and Elden Ring
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Amazon Sale: Get these AAA Games | © Activision/From Software/EarlyGame

This year was full of gigantic game releases like Elden Ring, Modern Warfare 2 and so on. These gaming blockbusters have dominated the year and performed incredibly well.

Gripping stories, breathtaking graphics and awesome gameplay come at a price, though. If this hurdle has prevented you from picking up the best games of this year, you should listen carefully. Because Amazon has recently started a huge sale, in which you get one of three amazing games for free.

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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Game Amazon Sale

Amazon has recently started a sales event in which you can get one of three selected games for free. Among them are some of the latest gaming blockbusters. We have listed the best games that you should not miss out on.

Much to our surprise, even Elden Ring for PS4 has gotten a sale, it is now available for $44.95, saving you $15 off the original price. Elden Ring is a huge action RPG and has been ranked as one of the best-rated games of all time.

The highly anticipated shooter Modern Warfare 2 has only been out for two weeks, but it has already made a huge impact. The game is included in the buy 2 get 1 free sale, and many gamers are eager to get their hands on it.

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Epic puzzles await you and your bestie in It Takes Two – a game like no other! Team up and take on fun puzzles in stunning locations, using your shared creativity and cleverness to solve each challenge. With amazing graphics and super-fun gameplay, this is a game you don't want to miss!

If you want to know more about why It Takes Two is so amazing, watch this video:

Top 10 Games In The Buy 2 Get 1 Free Amazon Sale

  1. Elden Ring (PS4) – $44.95
  2. Modern Warfare 2 – $69.99
  3. It Takes Two – $39.99
  4. FIFA 23 (Xbox One) – $49.99
  5. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) – $49.99
  6. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut (PS5) – $69.21
  7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits – $31.70
  8. A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5) – $29.99
  9. Returnal (PS5) – $69.99
  10. Madden NFL 23 (PS4 + PS5) – $59.99-$69.99

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