Is The Callisto Protocol Too Violent? First Country Cancels Release

The upcoming horror action game The Callisto Protocol is already causing controversy ahead of release, as one country straight up refuses to release the game due to its excessive violence.

The Callisto Protocol
The Callisto Protocol has already been canceled in one country for its violence. | © Krafton

The Callisto Protocol has fans of horror-action games like Dead Space extremely excited about its release, as it looks like a very strong new entry into the genre. The spiritual successor to the Dead Space-series looks really grimy, dark and brutal. The violence maybe seems to be a bit too much even, as Callisto Protocol has been canceled in Japan after a dispute with the local ratings board over the violence in the game.

The Callisto Protocol Canceled In Japan Due To Graphic Violence

Developer Striking Distance announced on Twitter that the current version of The Callisto Protocol cannot pass the criteria of the Japanese ratings board in its current form. Ok, so they could just change the game, right? The problem here is, that they don't want to: according to their message, the changes they would have to make would "not provide the experience players expect", so they won't alter anything. A classic stand-off situation. So... what does that mean?

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That means, that the game won't be rated in Japan and therefore won't go on sale there. Players who preordered the game will of course be given full refunds, but it sucks that they can't play the game without importing it. You can still buy the game anywhere else, though, so no worries if you're outside of Japan

One last question remains, though: what the hell is in this game that is so violent, that is too much for Japan of all places? Violent, crazy stuff is coming out of there all the time, whether it's in manga, anime or gaming. We'll have to wait and see, as neither Striking Distance nor the Japanese rating board have detailed exactly what part of the game led to this issue. Just imagine all the disgusting stuff that must have led to this... I can't wait to see it.

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