This Canceled Scarface Game Looks Amazing

Footage of a canceled Scarface game surfaced and it looks so good. Check it out here.
Scarface Game Leak
Check out footage from the canceled Scarface sequel. | © Scarface

Did you know that there was a Scarface video game? Yes, the classic gangster movie was made into a game in 2006, over 20 years after the movie came out. And it was really good! Just believe me on this one. So good in fact, that a sequel was planned. But it never came out, and we never saw anything from that. Until now... footage of the canceled Scarface sequel was leaked onto the internet and it looks incredible.

Canceled Scarface Game Leaked

Scarface: Empire is the name of this game, that was unfortunately never released. But pre-Alpha footage was revealed by a YouTuber called "Mafia Game Videos". And it looks super cool.

The video explains some of the context behind the canned game and goes on to show off in-game footage. Check it out here:

The game was set in Las Vegas in the 80s, which is a really cool scenario. And it looks super cool in the leaked footage. The scenario and some of the action reminds us of the classic GTA games like San Andreas.

As Mafia Game Videos (super cool name, btw) explains, the game was in development at Radical Entertainment. They then got acquired by Activision, who unfortunately canceled the game. Oh, how sad to think of what could have been...