GTA: Vice City & San Andreas Were Remade And They Look Sick

GTA: San Andreas and Vice City have been beautifully recreated in Unreal Engine 5, and we absolutely need to have it.
GTA San Andres Unreal Engine
CJ has never looked better. | © TeaserPlay / Hossein Diba

Have you ever wondered what GTA: Vice City and San Andreas would look like remade with modern tech? And no, we aren't talking about the much-maligned Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, but, instead, from the ground up remakes that have all the graphical bells and whistles expected of a game released on modern hardware.

Well, wonder no more, as a graphic design studio has done exactly that and the results are truly jaw-dropping.

GTA: Vice City and San Andreas Remade In Unreal Engine 5

We all probably know the power of the new Unreal Engine 5 by now. We had the playable The Matrix Awakens tech demo and now, as developers are getting their hands on the new tech, we are seeing more and more upcoming games showing off just what is possible with the engine.

All signs point to it being truly next-gen, and it has got folk dreaming what some of their favorite games would look like on Epic Games software.

Thankfully, some actually have the skills to make those dreams a reality. In the past several weeks, TeaserPlay, which describes itself as a graphic design studio, has put out a number of videos which show what some of the world's most beloved games would look like in the Unreal Engine 5. We've had The Last of Us and Max Payne remade and a number of imagined sequels with Bully 2 and The Witcher IV all getting the treatment.

However, none have gotten quite the attention that those of GTA: San Andreas and Vice City. Gone are the jagged textures, square heads, and flat lighting and in their places are beautiful recreations of run-down Grove Street and the neon-lit streets of Vice City.

Vice City Remaster
Vice City in Unreal Engine 5 is what we need in our life. | © TeaserPlay

In the San Andreas trailer, we can see Grove Street and hear Carl "CJ" Johnson who says "it's time to go home" - oh, how we wish.

There is not much in the way of gameplay footage, simply that familiar GTA camera angle to send us dizzy with thoughts of a next-gen San Andreas.

The Vice City trailer, which was released yesterday (May 25), takes it a step further. Tommy Carcetti is back now, and we get to see him walk and drive around a sun-drenched and neon-lit Miami. It looks fantastic.

Described as concept trailers, fans of the franchise will be devastated to know that both these trailers are simply that, trailers, with no plans to release them as full-fledged games (probably for the best considering the way that Rockstar has started acting with the modding community).

It does give us some food for thought and a better idea than we have ever had of what a potential GTA 6 could look like. We may not have to wait long though, with rumors that a GTA 6 teaser trailer is dropping next week.

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