Capcom Will Reveal Street Fighter 6 This Weekend

Capcom launched a website that is counting down to an announcement for an upcoming game, and all bets are on Street Fighter 6.

Street fighter 6
I hope Street Fighter 6 goes for more of a hand-drawn anime style again. | © Cook and Becker, Capcom

I love fighting games, and it's been a while since we really had a major fighting game release. Sure, Guilty Gear Strive is great, and yeah, all these platform fighters (Warner Bros Multiversus, LEGO Brawls) are interesting, but... we need the big dogs. We need Tekken. We need that League of Legends fighting game. We need Street Fighter. Now, it seems that we are getting the latter, because a Capcom countdown is... well, counting down, to a release this weekend, and all bets are on it being Street Fighter 6.

Will Capcom Reveal Street Fighter 6?

The countdown page doesn't give us much information, other than the reveal happening on February 20, at 10pm PT. The reasons why the reveal is very likely to be about Street Fighter 6 are plenty:

  • It's been 6 years since Street Fighter 5 was released
  • Street Fighter 5 will have no more DLC
  • The Capcom Pro Tour 2021 ends this weekend
  • Street Fighter 6 was already leaked in a Capcom data breach
  • Riot is gearing up for its fighting game, and Capcom will want to compete with Street Fighter

So, really, we already know that Street Fighter 6 is coming, we're just waiting for an announcement. With the Capcom Pro Tour ending this weekend, there is no better time to announce Street Fighter 6, than when the reigning Street Fighter king is being crowned.

Fingers crossed, y'all. If we get Street Fighter 6 and Riot's upcoming fighting game competing, then the golden age of fighting games might return.