Dead By Daylight Roadmap 2022: New Chapter, Dating Sim, Attack on Titan & More!

Developer Behaviour Interactive is celebrating the 6th anniversary of Dead by Daylight with a bunch of new content, including new characters, crossovers and more!

Happy Birthday, Dead by Daylight! Everyone's favorite horror-multiplayer game is celebrating its 6th anniversary, and developer Behaviour Interactive have announced the roadmap for the rest of 2022 to honor the occasion. What will come to Dead by Daylight this year and is there really a dating sim? Find out here.

New Chapter – Roots of Dread

The crown jewel of this new announcement is Chapter 24, which is coming to the game on June 7. "Roots of Dread" is the cheery name of this upcoming chapter, and it will bring a lot of new content to the game.

New Killer – The Dredge

One of the biggest additions is a new killer: The Dredge. This "formless mass of twisted limbs writhing in the shadows, is nothing less than a manifestation of darkness itself." Damn, that sounds spooky! And it looks like it too; check out this ugly son of a gun:

Dead by Daylight The Dredge
Stuff of nightmares right here... | © Behaviour Interactive

Yeah, it's proper disgusting. According to the developers, this uggo is based on the Bogeyman, a manifestation of your nightmares. In-game, The Dredge will be able to teleport between Lockers to surprise Survivors. It will be horrible to play against – but super fun to scare others with.

New Survivor – Haddie Kaur

Haddie Kaur will join the pool of Survivors in Chapter 24. Haddie has already appeared in the Archives, now she will finally be playable.

Born in India, Haddie moved to Quebec with her family as a child. After losing her biological parents in a tragic car accident, she was raised by a Quebec family who were close friends of her parents. Haddie’s foray into the paranormal came early on, fuelling her with courage, determination, and a dash of morbid curiosity. Having fought monsters in the past makes her one of the few Survivors prepared to face off with Killers in the Entity’s Realm.

New Map – Garden of Joy

The last big feature of "Roots of Dread" is the brand-new map called Garden of Joy. This map is "a scenic paradise set in a quaint American town", but of course, things are not as they seem. This is a horror game! The paradise will quickly become a scary death trap, and we are excited to check out this beauty.

Dead by Daylight Garden of Joy
Deceivingly pretty... | © Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight Dating Sim Is Real

Yes, it's happening – Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim is coming later this year! And yes, it looks like it will be exactly what you think it is. I will just drop this image here and implore you to check out our dedicated article on this gem.

Hooked On You Key Art
I know that you want to... *bone* him. Hehe. Get it? | © Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight Mobile Is Getting A Big Update

If you want to get your spook on while on the go, then you will be happy to hear that Dead by Daylight Mobile is going to get a big update. This update is already live in Japan, where the game is extremely popular, and will be released globally very soon.

Mobile players will be excited to learn that a major update is in the works and that they can expect new features soon. Among other enhancements, they’ll see new leaderboards, quick match and social systems, as well as major improvements in control layout, visual performance and fluidity of gameplay.

New Collection – Attack on Titan

A new collection is coming in 2022 as well, offering players a bunch of new cosmetics for their characters. This time around, we will get the first anime inspired collection, and of course, it's an Attack on Titan crossover. Because what would a modern life-service game be without some sort of Attack on Titan tie-in.

The collection will feature 10 outfits for both survivors and killers, which will resemble characters from the series, like Eren or Hange.

New Resident Evil Chapter – Project W

Last but not least, the developers also teased another chapter. This one is called Project W and will be another Resident Evil chapter. After the first collaboration in 2021, this new chapter will bring "more iconic characters from the legendary franchise" into the game. We don't know any more than that, but we are definitely excited!

And that's all, folks! This is everything coming to Dead by Daylight in the year 2022. Yes, we're most excited about the dating sim of course, but the other content looks great as well!