Dead Island 2: Best Weapons

The weapons in Dead Island 2 are a key element of gameplay, providing the player with a wide range of options for both ranged and melee combat against the game's various enemies. We show you the best ones!

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Dead Island 2 is a game that's all about one thing: killing zombies. And when it comes to dispatching the undead hordes, there's no better way than with the game's extensive arsenal of weapons. With so many options available, it can be tough to know which ones to focus on. That's why we've put together this guide to the best weapons and mods in Dead Island 2. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran of the game, this guide will help you find the perfect tools for taking down the zombie menace. We'll cover everything from melee weapons to firearms, as well, so grab your favorite weapon and let's get to work!

Dead Island 2's most prominent feature and impressive accomplishment is its focus on combat. The game offers a vast selection of weapons and customization options to match the variety of enemies you encounter. You can expect to come across new and unique enemies as you progress, but fortunately, you'll also find new types of weapons and weapon classes to combat them. To make the most out of your experience, it's crucial to understand the weapons available in Dead Island 2.

  • The most effective weapon is a good controller against zombies!

Dead Island 2: Best Weapons

Melee weapons are a crucial aspect of combat in Dead Island 2. From blunt weapons like baseball bats and sledgehammers to bladed weapons like machetes and katanas, there is a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Melee weapons are effective against zombies, and often provide a more efficient way of conserving ammunition compared to firearms. Each melee weapon has unique stats and characteristics, making it important for players to choose the right weapon for each situation.

Whether you prefer to charge head-on into battle or take a more cautious approach, there's a melee weapon to suit every playstyle in Dead Island 2.

Emma's Wrath

Upon completing the final mission in Dead Island 2's main story, players are rewarded with Emma's Wrath, a sledgehammer that is considered to be one of the best weapons in the game. This Legendary-tier item is unique and cannot be sold or scrapped for parts, ensuring that players do not accidentally lose it.

Emma's Wrath is a Bulldozer-class weapon that is effective at clearing rooms, and it also doubles as a shotgun. By skull-stomping or countering any zombie, players can prime the shotgun aspect, allowing the next hit to deliver a powerful shotty blast. The weapon comes with a fixed Superior Melee Impactor Mod and two perks, leaving room for players to add two more perks of their choice to customize the weapon to their liking.

Dead Island 2 Emmas Wrath
Dead Island 2: Weapon Emma's Wrath | © Deep Silver

Big Shot

This revolver is one of the rarest and most unique weapons you can find in the game. Known as Big Shot, it belongs to the Legendary tier and boasts explosive rounds that fire three bullets simultaneously. This makes it a perfect choice when you need to clear out a small area, as the explosion can knock down or kill multiple zombies at once. Despite its name, some players refer to it as their "GTFO" gun, as it can help you escape from a sticky situation by blasting away incoming zombies. Obtaining this powerful weapon requires completing the side mission "It's Not Your Fault" as a reward, which usually becomes available in the later stages of the game due to its orange rarity.

Dead Island 2 Big Shot
Dead Island 2: Weapon Big Shot | © Deep Silver

Party Starter

If you're looking for a unique and fun weapon in Dead Island 2, the Party Starter is a must-have legendary brass knuckles. You can get your hands on this weapon by completing the "Drunk and Disorderly" Lost and Found quest. The first step is to check out the first-floor bathroom of Ocean Avenue's Serling Hotel, where you'll find a note from a zombie. This note will give you clues about a group of party-loving guys who are eager to have some fun during the apocalypse. To find the weapon, you'll need to go to two locations in Venice Beach's boardwalk (Roses Tattoo Parlor and Gang Green weed dispensary) and then head over to the Santa Monica Pier's Pier Grill.

As you progress through the locations and kill unique zombies, you'll eventually gain access to a white SUV parked in the Serling Hotel's parking lot. Inside the trunk of the SUV, you'll discover the Party Starter, a festive weapon that's perfect for unleashing your inner party animal on the zombies. So if you're in the mood for some fun and want to add a unique weapon to your arsenal, make sure to complete the "Drunk and Disorderly" quest and get your hands on the Party Starter.

Dead Island 2 Party Starter
Dead Island 2: Weapon Party Starter | © Deep Silver

Blood Rage

The Blood Rage is a legendary dagger that's also an Easter egg weapon, paying homage to the earlier game. To obtain it, you must complete the "Fool's Gold" Lost and Found quest, which starts at the Santa Monica Pier - Lifeguard HQ fast travel point. First, defeat the Crusher named Dante, who drops a clue about a locker in the garage. Next, you'll need to collect notes from two locations in The Pier: one behind an ice cream shop near the Ferris Wheel and the other in an alleyway to the left of a yogurt shop on the boardwalk. Once you have both notes, head to the small section off to the side of the Lifeguard HQ building and eliminate the zombies that appear. You'll then be able to unearth the chest containing the Blood Rage dagger.

Dead Island 2 Blood Rage
Dead Island 2: Weapon Blood Rage | © Deep Silver


You can acquire the legendary auto rifle, Bodycount, upon completing the Lost and Found quest called "[Redacted]." To begin, head to the quonset hut located on the left side of the entrance of the Venice Beach military base and defeat the unique zombie inside. The zombie will drop a note that leads you to a cargo container on the beach, and as you gather subsequent notes, you'll receive clues to other locations. The final location of the weapon is marked on the map in the image below. Guns may not be the most effective in Dead Island 2, but with Bodycount, you'll have one of the game's best weapons.

Dead Island 2 Bodycount
Dead Island 2: Weapon Bodycount | © Deep Silver


Wildstyle, is a really cool weapon in Dead Island 2, is a Superior (purple) rarity firefighter's axe. To obtain it, complete the "Art of War" side mission after unlocking The Metro zone for fast travel. You'll search for an abandoned weapons cache and fight a massive horde and two tough bosses. This mission is best played in co-op. Once you complete it, you'll be rewarded with this amazing zombie-slaying weapon.

Not only does Wildstyle look really cool with its vibrant colors, but it also has unique abilities. When you kill a zombie with it, the undead leaves behind a large fire, similar to igniting one of the game's oil spills. This special ability is incredibly effective for bottlenecking and clearing hordes while also conserving the weapon's durability. You'll spend less time hacking away at the undead and can enjoy the fiery aftermath.

Dead island 2 wildstyle
Dead Island 2: Weapon Wildstyle | © Deep Silver


The Brutalizer is obviously among the top picks for weapons in the game, alongside Wildstyle and Emma's Wrath. This machete has been heavily modified with jagged metal edges that give you the feeling of tearing through zombies with a piece of heavy machinery. It's a gruesome but highly effective weapon. To acquire it, you must complete the Body Art questline, which has five parts and starts in Beverly Hills.

Dead Island 2 Brutalizer
Dead Island 2: Weapon Brutalizer | © Deep Silver

The One

The sword of legend is a remarkable weapon that looks like a movie prop, but is incredibly sharp and perfect for cutting through the undead in a way that would make Geralt of Rivia envious. You can obtain it by finishing the side mission called "Beacon of Hope," which is available towards the end of the game in the last unlockable area. We won't reveal where it starts, so you'll need to explore and find it yourself.

Dead Island 2 The One
Dead Island 2: Weapon The One | © Deep Silver

Best Guns

To survive in this world in Dead Island 2, players will need to arm themselves with a variety of weapons, including guns. From handguns to shotguns, rifles to machine guns, there's a wide range of firearms available for players to use against the zombie threat. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, making it important for players to choose the right tool for the job. In this section, we'll take a closer look at the different guns available in Dead Island 2, providing information on their stats, how to obtain them, and tips for using them effectively against the undead.

The game's guns are not the most satisfying to use compared to melee weapons, but they are still a viable option once you figure out how to obtain them. If you're looking to use guns in the game, the hunting rifle is the best option available. Despite shotguns being underpowered and pistols being unremarkable, the hunting rifle stands out with its high damage output per shot. This makes it an ideal choice for dealing with single, tough enemies or small groups that can be managed from a distance.

Hunting Rifle

While it may not be the best weapon for clearing hordes, the hunting rifle's power per shot is unmatched for taking down tough enemies or bosses quickly. If you want to have the best option for dealing with single enemies or small groups from a distance, make sure you have a well-leveled and modified hunting rifle. Completing the side mission "Creature Comforts" will reward you with a Superior (purple) hunting rifle.

Dead Island 2 Hunting Rifle
Dead Island 2: Weapon Hunting Rifle | © Deep Silver


The Nail Gun is a type of firearm that shoots nails, which can be retrieved after being fired, unlike traditional ammo. However, it can be difficult to find nails that have been fired, especially if they get lost in undergrowth or other dark areas. Compared to standard pistols, Nail Guns have slightly higher base damage but a slower fire rate and longer reload time. They also have a lower head shot damage multiplier and accept fewer modifications. The Nail Gun holds 10 nails in the magazine, and the major drawback is the lack of sights, making headshots difficult. Nail Guns require Nail Gun Ammo, which is highly rare and can only be purchased from merchants at a high cost or found in specific locations. The ammo cannot be crafted, further adding to its scarcity.

Dead Island 2 Nail G Un
Dead Island 2: Weapon Nailgun | © Deep Silver


Revolvers are a type of pistol that boasts high damage similar to that of a Heavy Pistol but slightly lower than a Magnum. Their accuracy is impressive, making them a decent option for sniping out individual zombies. Revolvers can take out Thugs efficiently while saving ammo, but they have some drawbacks that restrict their use as a universal pistol. With the ability to hold only 6 shots, it has the lowest capacity of any pistol variant, sharing the same capacity as a Magnum and three rounds fewer than a Heavy Pistol. Additionally, Revolvers have a slow rate of fire since the player needs to cock the hammer manually for each shot. This low rate of fire makes it ineffective for crowd control. The slow reload time, due to not having a magazine, and the low capacity also make it an unsuitable choice for close-quarters combat.

Dead Island 2 Revolver
Dead Island 2: Weapon Charged Electrocutor Heavy Revolver | © Deep Silver

McCall's 9mm

The McCall's 9mm is a legendary pistol that outshines its regular counterpart in almost every way, as is typical for legendary weapons. Its per-bullet damage is higher, and it boasts far superior accuracy, allowing for reliable sniping of zombies. Additionally, it has a respectable rate of fire and reload speed, similar to a regular pistol. While not the most effective weapon for taking down high-health enemies like Thugs, the McCall's 9mm excels at dispatching Floaters, thanks to its higher damage compared to a regular pistol. Pistol Ammo is readily available in Moresby, making it a great supplemental weapon that can also take care of any pesky Infected or Walkers in your path.

Dead Island 2 Mc Calls 9mm
Dead Island 2: Weapon McCall's 9mm | © Deep Silver


The Shotguns range is similar to that of a thrown weapon, and it can knock down several enemies at once, especially the shorter variant. Shotgun shells are the rarest ammunition type and can only be carried in small quantities. While everyone else can carry only 20 rounds, Shotguns have a low fire rate and small magazine size, but they deal high damage at close range, making them a risky yet effective weapon.

One unique ability of the shotgun is its ability to blow off an enemy's head with a close-range headshot. This can instantly kill most enemies in the game, regardless of their total health, and is particularly effective against tougher zombies like Thugs, Floaters, and Butchers. It can also be useful against clusters of smaller zombies, where a single blast can hit multiple heads and deal damage to the entire group, possibly killing a few of them instantly. The use of a Short Shotgun for a wider spread can aid in this tactic, but requires the player to get closer to single targets to headshot them effectively.

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