Dead Space Remake Is Finally Getting First Proper Trailer

The Dead Space remake finally has a trailer and it looks especially spooky. Sometimes remakes don't live up to the hype that the original has built up, but this time around it looks like this game will live up to the original version of the game.

Deadspace 2008
The new Deadspace is going to improve upon thse graphics. | © EA

The Dead Space remake was revealed a while ago and finally we're getting a creepy, disgusting and yet so entertaining gameplay trailer which will get fans hyped for the upcoming remake of the iconic game.

Dead Space was first released in 2008 and will be getting a remade version in 2023 for any fans of the creepy game. So let's analyze the upcoming Dead Space trailer and what we can get excited for in this remake.

Dead Space Trailer Remake Released

In the trailer we follow the main protagonist Isaac Clarke as he investigates the eerie mining ship USG Ishimura. At first the abandoned ship looks like just that – a spaceship with no more people on it, but as the trailer goes on more information is revealed.

In the trailer the main character encounters the Necromorphs as he fights them off and while all of it looks incredible, we also get to witness the updated fighting system of the upcoming Dead Space remake.

This game is going to feature a new damage system called Peeling with which players are going to be able to shoot the flesh of the disgusting looking Necromorphs. The game is looking to stay very true to the original with updated graphics and much more disturbing monstrosities to fight.

So, just enjoy the trailer we've linked below and get hyped for 2023 when the Dead Space remake will finally be released. EA Motive worked alongside die-hard Dead Space fans to make the game as engaging and as true to the original as possible so we hope that it lives up to expectations.