Diablo 4 Chest Glitch Keeps Dropping Infinite Loot

Diablo 4 players found a new chest glitch, which spews out high-tier loot non-stop. Perfect for item farming!

Diablop 4 Treasure Goblin
Diablo 4: This infinite loot glitch makes item farming easier than ever. | © Blizzard

Item farming was recently curbed by Diablo 4 developer Blizzard when they fixed an infinite treasure glitch. But, thankfully, it looks like the infinite loot chest glitch is back!

Diablo 4 Chest Glitch Creates Infinite Loot Fountain

One player stumbled upon this new chest glitch and posted a video on Reddit. And indeed, it’s just like the old glitch. Items everywhere, including tons of rare and legendary gear.

Usually, a treasure chest only drops a few items. If you’re lucky, you can get maybe one legendary item out of one. Well, user u/High-With-You got way more than one legendary out of this bad boy, as you can see in the video they posted on Reddit:

by u/High-With-You in diablo4

It's unclear from the post whether this is a specific chest or if this player just got particularly lucky. Either way, Blizzard will probably fix this glitch very soon, just as they did with the last wide-spread chest glitch.

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However, considering that this happened again we wouldn’t be surprised to see another infinite item chest pop up soon. So if you’re looking to farm some good gear, keep your eyes out for glitches like this one.

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