Diablo 4 Prime Gaming: Loot, Info & More

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming awards are now live, meaning you can get free loot each month. We go over how to claim it, where to get it and what rewards you can gain.

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Diablo 4 Prime Gaming rewards are now live! | ©Blizzard

Are you an Amazon Prime member? You enjoy gaming, Diablo 4 and you love free stuff? Then why not combine everything to get the benefits you’ve been dreaming of – and let’s be real, when a million-dollar company offers anything for free, you take it.

Getting free loot for Diablo 4 is child's play with Prime Gaming and the Twitch Prime loot. We all know Amazon owns Twitch and through Twitch Prime, you can get free in-game items.

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Rewards For July 2023

This July, you'll be able to get the Brackish Fetch Mount Armor Bundle. Here's everything that's included in the bundle:

  • Scales of the Dead Sea - Mount Armor
  • Dead Sea Vessel - Mount Trophy
  • Mariner Will - Mount Trophy

You get these neat rewards by claiming them on the Prime Gaming website (more on that below). You'll have to have the Diablo 4 mount unlocked to get the items in-game.

Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Loot Mount July
You can get this cheerful little horse for free! | © Blizzard

When Does The Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Promotion Start?

You can redeem the current prime loot as of July 6, 2022 until August 3, 2023. So make sure your Amazon Prime membership is up-to-date because you don't want to miss out on free loot in Diablo!

How to Link Your Amazon Prime And Battle.Net Account

To be able to receive free Diablo 4 loot and rewards, you’ll have to connect your Blizzard/Battle.net account to your Amazon Prime account. That’s what we’re about to tell you, and it’s actually extremely simple. The first thing you’ll have to have is an active Amazon Prime membership.

Then, it’s time to check with Blizzard to link your account, so you can start getting Twitch Prime loot and Prime Gaming benefits. Just follow these steps:

  1. Follow this link to the Diablo 4 Prime Gaming site
  2. Sign in to your Battle.net account. Make sure it’s the right one, since you’ll be getting in-game rewards automatically sent to that one account.
  3. Then you’ll be redirected back to Prime Gaming, where you can start claiming your prime loot
Diablo 4 Prime Gaming
The Diablo 4 Prime Gaming site. | © Blizzard/Amazon

How To Claim Diablo 4 Loot With Prime Gaming

Any loot you get through Prime Gaming and Twitch Prime will be sent to your in-game inventory. Where exactly you'll find it depends on the type of loot. So far, we only got a mount, so you'll have to go to a stable master to see those rewards.

July 2023 was the first month of Diablo 4 Prime Gaming loot, so we can't say yet what exactly this program will offer for players. We assume it will be similar to what you can get in the Diablo 4 shop, meaning cosmetics of all kinds.

But how do you claim Prime Loot? That’s what we’re going to check out right now:

  1. You go to the official Prime Gaming site. There are multiple game titles that have free loot available – but scroll until you find Diablo 4.
  2. Make sure you’re signed in to your Prime Account – otherwise this whole process won’t work
  3. Click on ‘claim’ for the loot of the current month

That’s it. It’s easy to claim your rewards and get a bit of free stuff!

Does Prime Gaming Exist for Other Games?

Yes it does. When you check out the Prime Gaming site, there are options for other games as well. You can also claim rewards for Legends of Runeterra, Valorant and many more. This includes games like FIFA, New World and Genshin Impact.

It isn’t just in-game loot that can be obtained through Prime Gaming. You can also get free games on the Prime Gaming site like Prey or Shovel Knight. These are also time-limited, though, so make sure you pick up these free games quickly before they aren’t available anymore!

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