Diablo 4: These 5 Things Need to Change After The Beta

The Diablo 4 closed beta was really great, and we're super excited for the game to fully release. But there are still some things we think need improving.

Diablo 4 Lilith angry
The Diablo 4 beta was great, but we have some complaints. | © Activision Blizzard

The Diablo 4 closed beta is over, and we had a hell of a time with it (yes, pun fully intended). We loved the game and can’t wait to play more. The changes to the familiar formula, like the new open world and the overhauled skill system are all great additions, and the game obviously feels amazing to play. BUT: we do have some issues. These are a few things we hope will change in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Needs To Improve These Five Things

We collected five major points, where we hope Activision Blizzard will go back to the drawing board and implement some changes to Diablo 4. These range from really annoying design decisions to missing quality-of-life features and other small things that should change.

We're not just super hyped for Diablo 4. Here are some other games we're really looking forward to:

Dungeons Have A Lot Of Issues

Dungeons work a bit differently in Diablo 4. Every major dungeon now rewards you with something called an “aspect”, which is a really cool mechanic. And completing one of these dungeons asks you to complete a little quest, which is theoretically also really cool.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out as the devs probably imagined it. Every dungeon we saw was huge, and the quests often ask you to find a key, or collect multiple items, things like that. That just leads to you having to run around for ages to do a fetch quest, just so you can progress and get to a boss fight, which are often not even unique between dungeons.

Diablo 4 Dungeon
The dungeons in Diablo 4 need some work. | © Activision Blizzard

Don’t get me wrong: some of the dungeons were really fun in the beta. But a lot of them felt like the same dark, huge cellar filled with boring fetch quests and repeated bosses. Unfortunately, this ended up being one of the more frustrating aspects of the game.

Oh, and before I forget: why can’t you just leave a dungeon through a diegetic way, like the rope in the very first dungeon you complete? Instead, you have to go to the map and click on the entrance icon to get out, which most players didn’t even realize. A lot of strange and unsatisfying decisions came together here. As these are core design elements, we don't expect much of this to change for release in June. Let’s hope Blizzard adjusts some things here down the line though.

People Want A Single Player/Offline Mode

Diablo 4 has a so-called “Shared World”, meaning that it basically became an MMO. You have to be online, as you are playing on the same world as other players. And for some, this is a really cool addition! The towns are very lively, world events are super fun and stumbling upon other players in the world is always neat.

BUT (sorry, again with the but): Players have some very legit complaints about this. A lot of people out there just don’t like this concept. They would rather enjoy the (very dense and impressive) atmosphere and world of the game on their own, without running into “xXDemonHunterxX” along their path. The presence of other players is an immersion killer.

Also, the beta was really laggy, especially in the towns. It’s still not guaranteed that everyone has a good internet connection, but playing Diablo 4 without one is a worse experience because of the lags and other issues. Having a dedicated single player of offline mode would fix this issue. But Diablo 4 doesn’t have one, and it doesn’t look like one is planned. That is a huge shame, let’s hope Blizzard will change its mind on this.

Why Is There No Overlay Map?

That this feature isn’t in the game yet is just legit weird. Basically all Action RPGs, including older Diablo games, have a semi-transparent map, which you can check out while playing. Diablo 4 doesn’t. Just… why? Having to pull up the full map to check your surroundings gets tired real fast and the comfort of having an overlay is sorely missing. We really hope Blizzard adds this down the line.

Altars diablo 4
The Diablo 4 map is lovely, but why is there no overlay? | © Activision Blizzard

Ultimate Skills Need Their Own Slot

We’re coming to the more nitpicky stuff. The ultimate skills were already a major highlight in Diablo 3, and they’re once again bangers in Diablo 4. However, we were confused and annoyed by the decision to not give Ultimate Skills their own slot. Only having six slots for skills already feels pretty tight, especially when one of them is taken by an ability that has such a long cooldown.

Many players complained about this, saying that it is too big of a negative impact on the rest of your build, if you have an ultimate skill equipped. And we agree.

Class Balancing

Diablo 4 is an RPG, of course people are gonna complain about the balancing. Always happens, always will. This time, the Diablo 4 Barbarian is the main cause for discussion. Many players complained, that the class was simply to difficult and weak. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, doesn’t have enough options outside of melee range and isn’t even that much tankier than the other classes.

Of course, people are arguing about this and not everyone agrees. We also felt that the Barb could do with some reworking though. This will surely happen, as balancing issues are always tweaked through an RPG’s life cycle.

And there you have it Blizzard, change these five things and you could be looking at a 10/10.

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