Diablo 4 Error 37: Will The Catastrophe Repeat?

The Diablo 3 error code 37 is one of the biggest gaming memes out there. We fear that Diablo 4 might be doomed to the same fate.

Diablo3 error37
Diablo 4 Error 37 is the players' biggest nightmare | © Blizzard Entertainment

The Diablo 4 release is coming closer by the day and everyone is super excited for it to launch. But there is one thing that any Diablo 3 player will never forget and fear to this day: error 37.

Back in 2012 when Diablo 3 came out, there was this huge disaster with one error code being so persistent it became a whole meme. With Diablo 4 coming up, we fear that history might repeat itself.

Has Blizzard really learned from their mistakes, or did they bring error 37 into Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 Error 37: An Enemy From The Past

Error code 37 was every Diablo 3 player's worst nightmare at release in 2012. You got this notification when the Battle.net servers were overloaded and too many people wanted to log in at the same time. Especially right after the release, it was near impossible to access any of the game's servers.

It was so bad, you couldn't even get into the single player mode, because that one also required a connection to the internet.

This error was so annoying and present that it even became a meme among the community. Everyone was making jokes about it, but at the same time the error was one of Blizzards worst moments. Masses of players wanted to return the game, stating it was unplayable.

Now with Diablo 4 coming up, there is one thing that we're all wondering: Will we get to meet this old friend again?

We know that Blizzard has a talent for messing up their game launches, therefore it wouldn't surprise me if error 37 is the first thing we'll see when trying to play the game once it gets released. But until then, I guess all we can do is pre-ordering the game to at least have it on release and then hope for the best.

To pass some time until Diablo 4 releases, why not play some nice and chill roguelikes?

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