Doctor Who in Elden Ring? Yes, There Is

Who would have thought that something like Elden Ring and Doctor Who would ever come together, but it seemss that some FromSoftware devs are also hyped for the reboot.

Shaded Castle Statues
The Doctor wishes to know your location. | © FromSoftware

Elden Ring is filled with different monsters and also a whole bunch of easter eggs, but would anyone have imagined there to be such an obvious Doctor Who reference in the game as well? Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss just what they've discovered.

Elden Ring might have come out a few months ago, but it's still one of the most popular games and players constantly find new easter eggs and new ways to beat the game. So let's find the hint at Doctor Who right now!

Where is the Doctor Who Easter Egg in Elden Ring?

It was Reddit user u/DockingCobra that posted on Reddit stating "I'm glad someone had the same thought as me when I first saw these". In the post they added a bunch of screenshots inside of the Shaded Castle, which can be found in the North part of the Altus Plateau.

On the pictures we see a bunch of statues covered by sheets. These look an awful like the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who and many other fans also caught on to the connection between these statues and the BBC television show, which is set to have another season added with Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa as the next Doctor.

In Elden Ring, players are able to leave messages behind and when entering the premises one message reads "Be wary of the angel" indicating that others have also made the connection between the statues and Doctor Who. The statues are also positioned in such a way that they look like they'll attack at any moment. Just don't blink and you should be fine.

What Are the Weeping Angels?

Weeping Angels are a powerful species from the Doctor Who series. They are seen with their faces covered. They're able to displace victims into other time periods with a single touch. They do this to consume a victims' time energy which they live off of.

Do the Statues in Elden Ring Move?

While these statues do look like an homage to Doctor Who, they do not attack or move when playing, so if you're curious and explore the area of Shaded Castle, you've got nothing to worry about. At least not from the statues. They're pretty static and you should be fine walking around.

Some players thought this was a waste opportunity, while others comment FromSoftware for the misdirect, some stating they spent a good portion of time walking around and checking that the statues were safe before moving on.