Leak: Doctor Who Is Finally Getting A Video Game

Doctor Who is a classic, and now that classic is finally getting its long overdue video game adaption, courtesy of LEGO.

Doctor Who game
Y'all will all be turned into LEGOs soon. | © Doctor Who

Doctor Who needs no introduction – contrary to what the name might imply. The show's been around forever, and, as long as it's been around, it's always been successful and popular. The same is true for the Doctor Who LEGO set, which was an all-time bestseller. Now, Traveller's Tales, the devs behind the LEGO games, put two and two together, to come up with the brilliant – and long overdue – idea of a LEGO game. Maybe the Doctor will also be featured in the upcoming LEGO brawler.

Doctor Who LEGO Game In Development

The game will, supposedly, feature all possible doctors, and the story will revolve around a new Doctor traveling through time to interact with the other Doctors (heh, funny, because the devs are called Traveller's Time...). Presumably, this will be to save the world, and feature all the Doctor Who fun we're used to from the series, as well as loads of references and insiders.

The leak, which originated on Reddit, also details that there are lots of Victorian England focused levels, as well as a lot of levels set on various alien planets. Lastly, the leaker claims that the devs have taken key episodes from all the Doctor Who TV runs, and straight up turned them into levels.

That's all we know, except that we know one more thing: The release date is set for the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, which is next year, in 2023.