Everything Revealed At EA Play Live: Battlefield, Apex Legends, Dead Space & More

Everything We Learned At EA Play
EA should be proud of this showcase | © EA

EA Play Live was just broadcast. It was a short showcase, but it was amazing. And it proves that publishers are on to something when they move away from the one convention a year E3 model. We heard about Apex Legends, Battlefield 2042, Dead Space, and so much more. Here's everything they revealed in case you missed it.

After this morning's harrowing news about Activision Blizzard's sexual harassment scandal, it's a relief to report on some positive gaming news. I should rather say great news; the EA Play Live showcase was a tour de force for the publisher. The only slight disappointment was the leak from Gamesrant which spoiled Battlefield 2042's Portal mode a few hours early. Besides that this was a fantastic showcase, but what was there?

What Was Revealed At EA Play Live?

Here's a rundown of everything we saw at the big event.

  • Sims 4: Village Living Expansion. It's as it sounds, Sims in the countryside.
  • Grid Legends: We got the first reveal for this game, think F1 with a little more attitude.
  • Apex Legends: A trailer for 'Emergence' was shown. It revealed a new Legend called Seer that fires drones from his chest to track enemies - he's stealth orientated. They also spoke a lot about moving beyond the Battle Royale model.
  • Lost In Random: A very cute, stop-motion style indie game. It's a dark fairy tale about a girl exploring the world with her unlikely companion: Dicey.
  • Knockout City: We learned more about the game's expansion plans - 'Fight in the Movies', basically new maps that are inspired by iconic Hollywood set-pieces.
  • Battlefield 2042: We just saw Battlefield Portal. It works like this:
    • You can use vehicles and weapons from across the franchise on different remastered maps. Think: BF1 horse being ridden by a soldier wielding a BFV MP40, and riding through the streets of BF4's Shanghai.
    • It will be a community-driven sandbox, and it launches with a 'Battlefield Builder' that lets you completely customize the different game modes.
  • Dead Space: Yep. This was the surprise we were hoping for. We got a very short reveal trailer which only gave away that a new installment was on the way.

If you enjoy the showcase experience you can watch the EA Play from the beginning here:

If you love a good gaming conference then you probably enjoyed E3, we know we had a blast, in case you missed it here were some of the big reveals:

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