Elden Ring Playtime: How Big Is the Game of The Year 2022?

Elden Ring is one of the most successful games of its generation, but what is the playtime? Players will need to spend several hours in the Lands Between before they reach the end credits.

Elden Ring Playtime: The Game of the Year 2022 is still popular in 2023, but how long do players need to finish it? | © FromSoftware

There are few games more instantly recognizable than Elden Ring. The collaboration between developer FromSoftware and Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin was nothing short of a masterpiece. It captured the attention of millions during its first month and has only grown to be more popular ever since.

However, there are still some gamers in the world that have yet to experience Elden Ring and the Lands Between for themselves. If you are a part of that crowd and are just starting your journey, you might be curious about exactly what's in store. In this guide, we'll go over how long Elden Ring takes to beat and how much playtime you can expect to put into it from the beginning to the end credits.

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Elden Ring Playtime – How Long Does It Take To beat?

In short, there is no concrete number of hours we can give you in regard to Elden Ring's total playtime. The game is so vast and expansive that players can truly spend as much time as they want in the Lands Between. There is also no firm number of hours for any one player due to the fact that Elden Ring is incredibly difficult.

While Soulsborne veterans might have skated through it, others won't be so lucky. This means that if you struggle to beat a single boss for hours on end, your playtime will be drastically different from someone who beat that same boss within their first few tries.

Moreover, there are a number of optional bosses in Elden Ring, that will either add or subtract from a player's total playtime. If you want a specific ending or simply explore the entire map, then your playtime will be based off of how many optional bosses you defeat and how many extra areas you find.

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Elden Ring has a number of difficult bosses that can alter a player's total playtime greatly. | © FromSoftware

If we're going by the average player's time to beat Elden Ring, players can expect to spend roughly 60 hours in the Lands Between. This is for a basic playthrough, in which players only get one ending, fight some but not all optional bosses, and explore most of the map.

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However, if you're looking to finish a completionist run or experience everything Elden Ring has to offer, you can likely double that 60 hour playtime for a total of 120 hours. It's quite the time commitment for a single-player game, but you can trust us when we say it's worth every second.

To sum up, the total playtime for each player in Elden Ring will differ greatly. This game has plenty to offer and gives you very little in the way of help, meaning you will spend hours simply trying to figure out where to go next. Add the difficult bosses and dozens of different areas into the mix, and you're likely looking at a completely random playtime when it's all said and done.