Famous Horror Film Producer Will Start To Make Video Games

Blumhouse, one of the most iconic film studios is looking into the game market. Will they be able to revitalize the horror game genre with some new ideas and games?

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Imagine a VR Purge Game. | © Universal Pictures

Blumhouse is a pretty well-known film production company if you're into horror movies. Movies like Paranormal Activity, the Purge and Get Out are household names and they've got one thing in common, they're all from the aforementioned film production company.

Now the company is taking on a new challenge by announcing a video game production and publishing label – Blumhouse Games. What kind of games will they be making? Of course, we're going to be getting horror games from the iconic studio.

Blumhouse Games To Work With "Indie Budgets"

Blumhouse is known to make insane profits with their horror movies, especially since they work with small budgets while filming them, but then have huge box office successes. This model will be adopted to their gaming label as well.

The company is seeking to create "original horror-themed games" both for PC and console. To do so, they're aiming to work with "indie budgets" below $10 million. This type of business model has worked well for them, with their films often being affordable to make.

They are also going to be looking to make mobile games as well, entering the biggest gaming market on the scene as well.

Blumhouse Working on "Original" Games

It also seems like your favorite horror movie might not make it to the big screen just yet. Blumhouse has revealed they will be working on original titles, which suggests that they won't license their film properties for games just yet.

After testing the waters of the game industry this could change in the future, so not all hope for a Get Out themed game or one on The Purge is lost yet.

Experienced Workforce On Board

Blumhouse isn't going to jump inot the game industrt without some experience though. It seems that they've already gotten a few industry insiders on their side with Zach Wood, who has worked at Iron Galaxy, Askane Studios and Sony's Santa Monica studio, as president and Don Sechler who headed finance, operations and strategy at Sony's PlayStation publishing division.

So, while there is no big news on what games could be made, for anyone who enjoys the horror genre this is a big W, since Blumhouse has been one of the most dominant forces in the horror-genre throughout the last 15 years or so. Now we just have to patiently wait for a snippet of news regarding the first game.

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