Final Fantasy XIV: Ferocious Battle Between Two Players Ends With World Record

Two players of Final Fantasy 14 are engaged in a speedrun, vying for the title of world record holders in a mostly overlooked mini-game.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online contains many things keeping the players engaged | © Square Enix

Even though Final Fantasy 14 may hit its 10th anniversary this year, the game itself hosts a wealth of new content for players to enjoy. After five add-ons and more to come, the main storyline isn't the only thing keeping the players engaged.

Take in the scenery, tackle some side quests, tend to your home, pay the Gold Saucer a visit, gamble a little bit or master the Dungeon- and Raid challenges waiting for you. But there is another form of content many players keep overlooking: The jumping puzzle of Kugane Tower.

Final Fantasy 14: Two Players Attempt Speedruns For The Most Overlooked Mini Game

The Kugane Tower is part of the Stormblood expansion at the docks of the main city, Kugane. The puzzle is rather difficult, because every single mistake may lead to your downfall. Two players made their mission perfectly clear: Speed running the tower as fast as possible, getting the world record title.

Emo_0ticon was the world record holder for the puzzle, and YouTuber Pint practiced several months, trying to claim the title for himself with a 43-second speed run. In the end it worked, but Emo_0ticon didn't sit idly by as the title got claimed by somebody else. Just within a single day, Emo_0ticon got the title back, with an insane 38-second speed run of the Kugane Tower.

Later on, Pint discovered that the original name of Emo_0ticon was Pydoyks/Shaeden. A legendary, yet mysteriously vanished, speed runner of both Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And here he is now, coming out of retirement to climb the tower in the Stormblood expansion.

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