Forspoken Playtime: How Long You Need To Beat The Game

The Forspoken playtime has been revealed by one of the developers. Here's what we know about the length of the upcoming action-adventure.

Forspoken Playtime: how long is the upcoming action RPG? | © Square Enix

Forspoken is coming out on January 24 and the game is set to be a pretty big RPG. How long will players get to enjoy the brand-new action game by Square Enix and Luminous Productions? Thankfully we know that already, as one of the game's senior developers has revealed the playtime.

Forspoken Playtime Revealed

Many people are wondering ahead of release, how big Forspoken will actually be. The game looks action-heavy, while at the same time being a RPG as well. Until we get to play the full game, it will remain unclear, but we at least have a decent estimate now, thanks to the game's co-director Takefumi Terada.

In an interview with Spanish outlet 3DJuegos, Terada talked about the length of the game, and revealed that the story of the game would take around 30–40 hours to complete.

We don't know right now, what kind of activities and side content the game offers, so it's hard to tell how much can come on top of that number. 30–40 hours just for the story sounds like a lot, though. Seems like we're in for a pretty expansive experience, and I would be definitely down for that.

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