Forspoken: Release Date, Story, Gameplay & More

Forspoken had its first teaser a while ago and many of us were excited about it, despite not knowing much. At this point in time, we've got a lot more info, so let's check out everything important on Forspoken.

Forspoken hub
Forspoken looks gorgeous, no denying that. | © Square Enix

When Forspoken was introduced as Project Athia back in the day, people were both excited and confused. The graphics looked mindblowingly good, rivaling even those of The Last of Us Part II. On the other hand, the teaser trailer revealed next to nothing, and we were left with more questions than answers.

These questions were supposed to be answered this year, in May 2022. Unfortunately, the release of Project Athia, now officially titled Forspoken, was pushed back, and we still can't play the game. However, we recently got a first look at the gameplay, so I think now is a good time to talk about everything interesting there is to know about Forspoken.

Forspoken Release Date

Forspoken will now officially release on January 24, 2023. With the gameplay trailer having been released and it already being September, it's probably safe to assume that Luminous Productions (known for FFXV) will be able to deliver the game on time.

Which Consoles Will Forspoken Release On?

Forspoken will launch on PS5 and PC. Sorry, PS4 users, but it's seriously time to get your hands on a PS5 (which, I know, it's easier said than done) or a good gaming PC. It's 2022 and upcoming games like Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will launch exclusively on next-gen.

Forspoken Story – Alice in Wonderland

Unfortunately, Forspoken's story is still a bit of a mystery, but I'll tell you everything I found out. We know that the main protagonist is called Frey, a young girl from New York who somehow got transported into a magical land called Athia (hence, the original name of the game). In the process, she receives magical powers herself (you can learn over 100 spells, which is pretty freaking cool. Reminds me of Skyrim, actually).

In Athia, almost everyone is hostile and those who are not (for example, villagers) are controlled by Matriarchs, powerful mages that will probably make your life a living hell. All through that, you try to find your way back home, but can't really do that unless you save the world first. Typical hero stuff.

Through the various trailers that we've gotten over the last months, we know that the world of Forspoken will feature both grasslands and a desert area with villages scattered around the map. I like the contrast between grassland and desert a lot. Almost like two sides of the same coin.

Forspoken square enix
The graphics still look pretty good. | © Square Enix

Forspoken Gameplay – Yer a Wizard, Frey

Forspoken is an open-world action RPG with parkour features that reels you in with its cool-looking combat system and graphics. The movement in particular seems to be something that fans will love. I mean... dashing around is always cool. However, Frey also has a lasso with which she can pull herself up on cliffs. Almost like Aloy in Horizon.

Keep in mind, though, that you can't just do all of that for free (because nothing is ever free, even in video games. Sadge). You have a stamina bar that will deplete eventually if you don't keep an eye on it. Stamina is also used during combat, so don't use all these abilities first and then rush into a boss fight. Bad idea.

Apart from fighting and running around freely, you have the typical open-world things that you can do in Forspoken, that being:

  • collect and craft materials like flowers or crystals
  • collect mana points to learn new spells
  • rest and craft in your base
  • main and side quests
  • find and open chests with loot
  • boss fights all around the world á la Elden Ring (just less hard, big F U to Malenia)

Every good open world game needs a companion, whether that's an animal companion or a party you travel with. In Forspoken's case, it's a talking bracelet. I know... wtf. Then again, you did see that one trailer they released for Forspoken right? This game has been a meme from the start.

Forspoken Play Time

In an interview with 3DJuegos, Forspoken co-director Takeshi Terada revealed that playing through Forspoken will take approximately 30-40 hours. However, those hours are meant mainly for the main mission. Terada explained that that number will rise with exploration and side missions.

Forspoken Trailer

Forspoken was first announced at The Game Awards 2021. It's received multiple trailers so far, but I'm sure you know how YouTube works. If you're intrigued by the trailer below and want to find out more about Forspoken, then simply YouTube it. Period.