Sony Exclusive Forspoken Just Got Memed To Death

The upcoming Sony exclusive Forspoken was the joke of the day on Twitter after a terrible trailer featuring some horribly cringy writing. People had a field day with it and rightfully so.

Forspoken Release Date
Forspoken just got roasted hard. | © Square Enix

Boy, oh boy... what were they thinking? The official Twitter account of Forspoken, the upcoming Sony-console-exclusive action adventure game, has done f-ed up quite badly. They released a new trailer for the game that is so goddamn cringy that it just melted people's minds. Everyone on Twitter popped off, and the responses have been absolutely hilarious and savage.

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Forspoken Got Got On Twitter

It all started with this trailer, and you need to see that first, obviously. It features some gameplay, with dialogue from the main character and subtitles running over it. But warning: you will cringe your jaws off. It basically does the "you might be wondering how I got here" joke and... ugh, I'll just stop and let you watch it.

After the trailer dropped, the fire started burning quick. One funny, critical, unbelievable, god-fearing, incredulous response after another. A lot of them were hilarious, too many to show them all here. A lot of people couldn't believe it, strongly criticized the writing, spoofed it or blamed the horrible writing in Marvel movies for this... and rightfully so.

My personal favorite response was this Bloodborne spoof by @funnywes that you have to see. It shows even better why the writing in the original trailer was so off and ridiculous.

This is definitely not a good look for Forspoken, which has been delayed recently. Some of the game looks actually really cool, but the writing had people worried since day one and this just added more salt into the wound. Let's see if it is less excruciating in the full release.