Gears of War 6 Is in Development

A job listing has revealed that Gears of War 6 is in develpment, to continue the testosterone franchise.
Gears of war 6
Expected, but still cool. | ©The Coalition

So... a job posting revealed Insomniac's new game the other day, as well as an upcoming PlayStation exclusive new fantasy IP, and now... Gears of War 6 was revealed the exact same way. Makes you wonder... why squander a reveal on a job listing, and not just pre-emptively reveal the game properly? I don't understand, but also I don't care, because the end result is the same: We're getting Gears of War 6.

Job Listing Reveals: Gears of War 6 In Development

I don't think anyone is surprised by Gears of War 6 being in development. It's just that, until now, all we had was our common sense to go by, we didn't actually know that Gears of War 6 is a thing.

This has all changed thanks to this job listing, which is looking for a motion capture technician at The Coalition. More importantly, the job listing specifically states that said hiree will be working on the Gears of War franchise.

Before you get all excited, please be aware that motion capture is one of the earliest steps within game development, so Gears of War 6 is still ways away. Also, The Coalition has previously revealed that they are also working on a brand-new IP, so it's likely that said new game will release ahead of Gears of War 6.