Xbox Has Done the Unthinkable, and Sony Is Worried

For the first time in a decade, the Xbox has the PlayStation beat... wow. Read all about it here.
Xbox playstation sales
Japan belongs to the Xbox now. | © Microsoft

Well, the writing was on the wall: Game Pass is the best deal in gaming right now, and only getting better. PlayStation, meanwhile, is struggling to keep up with the modern idea of game streaming, and their latest PS Plus upgrade isn't exactly a revolution. Also, Microsoft has bought up licenses left and right, and though Sony has made acquisitions too, nothing beats Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda. Taking all of this into consideration, the following is slightly less surprising, but still surprising: The Xbox Outsold the PlayStation in Japan.

If yo're thinking 'well, this is unheard of', then you're not wrong: This is unheard of. It's the first time in a decade, that the Xbox outsold the PlayStation on its home turf.

Note that the Xbox Series X has sold 105 unit in the time-frame listed above, so... yeah, this W is purely down to the Series S. Why? Well, with Game Pass being what it is, there is literally no reason for anyone to spend big bucks on the Xbox Series X. In fact, even the Xbox One and solid internet will get you next-gen gaming. Microsoft really did kill the Xbox Series X by giving us Game Pass, but I think, down the road, that's a loss they're willing to take.