New Trademark Hints At MCC-Style Gears of War Collection

A new trademark has been registered for the Gears of War franchise, which is further evidence of an MCC-style collection coming soon. This would likely work in the same way it did for Halo, with all the GoW games being remastered and bundled together in a single launcher.

MCC Style Go W Collection
The perfect way to play through the Gears of War campaign. | © Microsoft
We've long suspected that the older Gears of War games will be released as a collection together, in the same way the old Halo games were packaged together in the Master Chief Collection. The very oldest games will probably be remastered as part of this bundle, but the later games will simply be included as they are.

Now, in preparation for this grand release we know that a lot of work will have to be done in the back end. And we've just been informed that a new trademark has been licensed for the Gears of War series.

New Gears of War Trademark

A patent has been approved for a new Gears of War trademark, which we suspect is part of the preparation for the GoW collection release. You can find the new Gears of War trademark patent here. As you can see they've acquired the license to the full "Gears of War" title, as opposed to merely "Gears", which is what the fifth game was called. And that makes sense for a collection of remasters.

When might we expect this collection of Gears of War games to be released? Well, we certainly aren't expecting to have to wait years and years, but we can also rule out 2022 as there hasn't been any marketing for the collection so far. Our best guess would be mid-2023, but this is subject to change.

What do you think about playing the old Gears of War games again? Would that be worth it? Or would you rather spend your money on this year's best shooter?

Speaking of games that are now old enough to be remastered...

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