Genshin Impact: Get The Best Healer For Free In This Limited Event

The Genshin Impact 4.0. flagship event is coming soon and with it, we will get another free four-star character! Here is everything you need to know.

Genshin Impact Bennett blurred
I wonder who that blurred Genshin Impact character might be... │ @HoYoverse

With the arrival of Fontaine we got a ton of new content in Genshin Impact! One thing I am personally very excited for is the main event of this patch, the Mega Meka Melee! This event will have many fun prizes, including one of the best characters in the game: Bennett!

Some people even joke that he is the only current 6* in the game, which is certainly true when it comes to his abilities. When I first started playing this game, I had a really hard time getting him, so I am really happy that this opportunity is here for new players!

Genshin Impact: How To Get Bennett For Free

The Mega Meka Melee Event will go from August 28 until September 11, with the shop getting an additional week of time. You have to be AR20 and finish the Prologue Archon Quest Act 3 to participate. The event is made up of 3 parts and will reward you with many items, such as Primogems, a Crown of Insight, Character and Talent Ascension Materials and more!

The special highlight is that if you perform well enough in the event, you can invite Bennett into your own Adventure Team!

In Mega Meka Melee, you get to help Leschots Clockwork Workshop with a toy-making commission where they need to make some tests.

You can combat with your own little set of collectible weapons – frankly, they are a bit small, so don't be too disappointed. These weapon keychains would make you the most dangerous person out on the streets for real.

Game One: Underwater Trials in Torrential Turbulent Charge

This underwater parkour game will help you learn the new swimming mechanic, while also letting you explore the vast oceanic world under Fontaine. You get a goal you need to reach before your time runs out, but there will be obstacles in your way to dodge!

Game Two: Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena

Just a classic combat challenge, where you can punch some Fontaine-specific opponents. Beat them all up nice and clean and Leschots will be happy.

Game Three: Dance Dance Resolution

This is the one game I am personally most excited for. Very reminiscent of the mini rollercoaster challenges we had last patch, you have a left and right drum and need to hit the notes in the right moment while music is playing.

I really hope you manage to get Bennett and join Benny's Adventure Team! As always, have fun playing, Travelers!

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