Genshin Impact 4.0: Fontaine Release Date, Downtime & Banners

The long waiting is about to end. Version 4.0 of Genshin Impact and the new gameplay region Fontaine is right at our doorstep, which opens up a new chapter of the beloved franchise for the Traveler and Paimon to explore. You can find everything we already know, rumors and speculations ahead.

Fontaine header
Genshin Impact: Fontaine characters and more. Everything we already know about the version 4.0! | © HoYoverse

The release of a new version of HoYoverse's Genshin Impact, always sparks huge excitement within the community. With version 4.0 doomfully approaching fans, the team behind the game has been dropping many clues for the community to solve.

The infos we got about Fontaine are all over the place, which makes it hard to keep track of it all. That needs to change! We have compiled a summary of all the most important news about the Land of Justice that you need to know before the region arrives.

So let's not wait around any longer and take a look at the most interesting info regarding Fontaine!

Genshin Impact: Fontaine's Release Date

We have exciting news on that part! Since we are already in version 3.8, the waiting isn't going to last too long. HoYoverse is following a pretty strict update pattern of 6 weeks in between versions in Genshin Impact, so we can expect the upcoming version 4.0 to be here as soon as the 16th of August. We expect the server maintenance times to start about 5 hours before that.

New Gameplay Mechanics in Fontaine

During the Special Announcement Livestreams for version 3.7 and 3.8, HoYoverse teased some new mechanics that will be implemented, such as the deep sea diving! This was something fans have been speculating for a while now, and it has now been officially confirmed with the livestream of 3.8. In that same video, we also get a very first look into the steampunk-esque aesthetic of the city, with its elegant teal hues and Art Deco like architecture.

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Fontaine underwater
Genshin Impact: Fontaine's underwater world looks so beautiful! | © HoYoverse

Since Fontaine will be the region of the Hydro nation, it does make a lot of sense to add diving into the game! The underwater world seems to be quite lively and full of new fishes and other creatures. There could even be possible foes hiding in the depths. If this seems scary, then you are also free to travel by boat on the surface. Or you could just use the new fight mechanics and splash them aggressively until they perish.

Take a quick look at the content for yourself:

That’s it for the officially confirmed part folks, now we are getting deep into leak territory. Even though our source is pretty reliable, as always when it comes to leaks – take all the given information with a grain of salt!

Pneuma & Osia

Pneuma and Osia are a new state that the playable characters from Fontaine can be in, which is in addition to their already given element. This means that there will be 8 different combinations that a character can have, for example “Osia Anemo” or “Pneuma Pyro” (which Lyney, according to leaks, is rumored to have)

If characters from outside of Fontaine want to attack with Pneuma or Osia, they need to “pick up” one elemental block, with which they then can attack their enemy once. These elemental blocks will be in the overworld and the abyss. Fontaine's characters can attack normally, the Pneuma or Osia will just follow up automatically to certain skills.

The only enemies that seem to react to these skills seem to be Coppelius and Coppelia, the charmingly dancing couple, that you might have already seen in leaks about the Icewind Suite.

Fontaine's Possible Story Route

The different regions of Teyvat have been inspired by real life historical events happening in the world so far. One example of that is Mondstadt's Aristocracy.

Fontaine is all about progress and justice, which, if we compare it to major historical events that have happened in France, makes us think of the Industrial and the French Revolution, which both happened in the same time period.

Obviously, we all know that both of these historical moments weren't exactly pretty. The Industrial Revolution caused massive poverty and divided the country even more.

Fontaine is also theorized to be extremely filthy with smoggy air. Focalors doesn't seem to be very popular to her people, as all she seems to care about is Justice, so there might be some sort of resistance to her state.

Genshin Impact: Fontaine's Most Important Players and New Characters

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, multiple players and leakers have gathered a bunch of information regarding the upcoming characters in Genshin Impact.

Focalors, aka Furina

Focalors is the Hydro Archon, also known as the God of Justice. She reportedly is the second Archon of Fontaine, as the previous one died, like many others, in the Archon War.

"[The god of Justice] lives for the spectacle of the courtroom, seeking to judge all other gods. But even she knows not to make an enemy of the divine.” – Dainsleif

Focalors will be a Hydro unit, however we do not know which weapon she will wield as of right now. At this moment in time, we assume that she will either be a Sword or Claymore user.

Arlecchino, aka the Knave

A wolf in sheep's clothing. To exert a higher level of control over people, she puts on a graceful and cordial front. Most of those who have seen her true, crazy self... have gone poof. – The Wanderer

Arlecchino is either the 4th or 10th Fatui Harbinger and will be a main player in Fontaine. In the Commedia dell’arte Arlecchino (Harlequinn) is one of the most famous characters and is known for his duality and lack of loyalty for one party, as he acts for his own personal gain only.

He balances between comedy and tragedy, between good and bad, and represents the people. Mainly he is an entertainer, and this seems to line up with the Knave working in Fontaine's Entertainment Scene. She has some kind of contract with Lynette and Lyney.

The Lochfolk

"An assassine from our homeland? Or a fool who trespasses upon the waters of Qingce?" – Rhodeia of Loch

There is a popular theory that the Lochfolk are originally coming from Fontaine, as they are Hydro beings. A big possibility might also be that there still are Lochfolk in Fontaine, who have accepted Focalors as their new Archon. Why would Rhodeia expect assassins from her Homeland to search for her? There may be a storyline that further explores this topic.


The Melusines, inspired by french myths, are water creatures that have some sort of executive force in Fontaine. Besides that, they are extremely cute.

Surprise Fatui Appearances

Since most of the regions as of now had not only one, but two Fatui members make an appearance in the lore, it is highly likely that Arlecchino won't be the only Fatui Harbinger we meet in the region of Justice.

Fans predict that either Sandrone (The Marionette) or Il Dottore (The Doctor) will join the Knave. The first one seems to fit the entertainer-theme and the aesthetic of the region very well, while the latter has already showed up in Sumeru, and many Harbingers from other regions tended to return from previous ones. (See La Signora or Scaramouche) If using this logic we might even see Childe again, he would certainly fit the Hydro-Theme!

Fontaine Sandrone
Genshin Impact: Sandrone is also called “The Marionette”. | © HoYoverse

Lynette & Lyney

Lynette and Lyney are arguably two of the characters that players are most excited about. They have been teased for a long time now, appearing in an official announcement in 2020.The two of them are a magician and assistant team, who work together quite closely. They also seem to have a connection to Arlecchino, as seen in one of the new teaser trailers.

Both have matching clothing, marks and traits, for example their face tattoos which resemble a teardrop on Lyney's cheek and a star on Lynette's. It is quite mysterious that only Lynette has feline ears and a long cat-like tail, which could open up the possibility that they both aren't biological siblings.

Fontaine Lynette and Lyney
Genshin Impact: Free the stage for our magical duo! | © HoYoverse

Lyney is speculated to be a 5-Star Pyro unit, while Lynettewill most likely be an Anemo 4-Star. A recent leak also suggests that contrary to popular belief, Lynette won't be a puppet.

is speculated to also belong to the siblings.

Neuvilette, Chief of Justice

Neuvilette got many new leaks about his kit recently, probably because HoYo currently focuses more on him at the moment. We don't know much about him, other than his comment on Nahida, which shows his deep knowledge about the happenings in Teyvat. He is a very important man and already a huge fan favorite because of his dashing looks.

He is most likely a Hydro unit who can be played on- and off field. He can buff the team in both stances, and he scales off of both atk and hp.

His E drains hp, (somewhat reminiscent of Hu Tao) regenerating a bit of energy. It has a low frequency but deals high damage. He does generate energy while off the field, to compensate for the lack of getting energy particles while on the field. Despite popular belief, he will not be a powercreep.

The Others

We also have a bunch of new characters whose names have mostly been confirmed already!

  • Charlotte, a reporter, may introduce us to the region
  • Wriothesley
  • Navia
  • Myrianelle
  • Sigewinne (Previous names include Waghild/Sigvine)
  • Clorinde, might be a police officer, when looking at her character design
  • Egeria (appearance unknown)
  • Chiori (looks like she could be from Inazuma)
  • unknown character with violet hair

Genshin Impact Banner Predictions

It is highly likely that Furina is coming in 4.2, as multiple different sources have teased so. We could expect Lyney, Lynette and Freminet to come in 4.0, as they seem to be all finished, when looking at leaks. For 4.1 fans speculate that Wriothesley and Neuvilette will arrive. We will update as soon as we know more.

Genshin Impact: Fontaine's Overall Look

Fontaine will have the first twin city theme, since we will have two main cities rather than just one. It has a multiple island layout split by many river ways for overworld travel.

We will keep you up-to-date with all the upcoming leaks and add them into this article, so you better check in once in a while!

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