Honkai Star Rail x Genshin Impact Crossover Leaks

HoYoverse has built up a huge community over the last few years through Genshin Impact. With Honkai Star Rail's release, the gatcha game baton was passed on and many die-hard Genshin fans have tried Honkai Star Rail at least once! But what if we can experience the best of both worlds in the far future?

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Honkai Star Rail: The Astral Express visiting Mondstadt? | © HoYoverse

In Honkai Star Rail, there are many planets that urgently need the help of the Astral Express. After we saved Jarilo-VI from the never ending cold, our journey led us to The Xianzhou Luofu, where a Stellaron Hunter was up to no good. Luckily we were able to catch him in the end … or did we?

Another world, which is constantly in trouble would be Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact!

Perhaps, our brave astral crew can solve the secrets of another HoYoverse game as well. And what would happen if the Trailblazer meets Lumine / Aether for the first time?

Honkai Star Rail x Genshin Impact Crossover Leaks

Maybe we can actually find out about that in a future update of Honkai Star Rail! At least according to some recent leaks about both games.

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You should certainly take the following leaks with a huge grain of salt, since there are no further indicators for said theory right now. Especially since both games have a pretty high tolerance for mods and this could very well be one of them.

Check out the video for yourself right here:

A few days ago, a video appeared on some social media platforms, hinting that we could indeed be able to walk the streets of Mondstadt with our favorite Honkai Star Rail characters. How crazy would that be?

Since Honkai Star Rail really is about helping foreign planets and people out of a sticky situation they manoeuvred themselves in, it is not too unlikely that this crossover could be possible in a very far future.

You can see how Kafka, Bailu and March 7th are walking across the market of Mondstadt. The video states, that you will be able to visit the Anemo Archon's capital city within patch 1.3. The most upsetting thing about it, is by far the lack of jumping in the world of Teyvat! How can I jump in circles inside the Mondstadt fountain if I can't jump?!

Since all of this seems really out of nowhere at the moment, we are curious to see how the story may continue and if we really can expect a crossover anytime soon. We will of course keep you up-to-date!

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