God of War Ragnarök: Muspelheim Seed Locations

You need to find two parts of the Muspelheim Seed in God of War Ragnarök to unlock the Crucible late-game challenges. Here's how you do it.

Kratos in Muspelheim
God of War Ragnarök Muspelheim Seed Locations: See here how you get to the fiery hellhole. | © Sony

Just like in the first game, you can unlock late-game challenges in God of War Ragnarök, and again we're offered to go to the fiery lava world of Muspelheim. To fight in "The Crucible" and earn special loot, you first need to unlock access to the realm. To do that, you need to find two halves of the Muspelheim Seed. We will show you, how to do that.

God of War Ragnarök: How To Find The Muspelheim Seed

You find both halves of the seed in Svartalfheim, but at very different points of the game. During the long playtime of Ragnarök, the game sends you twice to the realm of the Dwarves. Both times you can get one half of the seed each, if you follow specific side quests.

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First Muspelheim Seed Half Location

The first half of the seed can be found quite early in the game. Svartalfheim is the first realm you visit after the prologue in Midgard, and here's where you can snatch that baby. The Muspelheim Seed half is located at Modvitnir's Rig on the west side of the Bay of Bounty. If you follow the (amazing) “Weight of Chains” side quest, you will find yourself at this rig at one point.

Dock your boat by the rig and climb over the first obstacles. Now climb over some wood to your right and use your axe to hit a switch there to lower the gate in front of you. Get through the gate and climb up to find the chest containing this half of the Muspelheim Seed.

First Muspelheim Seed half location in Svartalfheim
Find the first half of the Muspelheim Seed in Modvitnir's Rig in Svartalfheim. | © Sony

Second Muspelheim Seed Half Location

Like we said, the second half is also in Svartalfheim, but you can't get it until much later in the game. You need to have the Draupnir Spear unlocked in order to get there. After you acquired the spear, follow the "Spirit of Rebellion" side quest to get to "Alberich Hollow", where you will find the second half of the seed.

Dock your boat at Dragon Beach. Climb up the chain at your left side and when on top. Throw a spear at the slot in front of you. Climb up and head left across a bridge. Now use the rune slate to reveal a chest for a different side quest. From here, take a left to get to a cave. Defeat the Grims here and break the golden rocks that are blocking a chest, by frowing a flaming ball at them. In this chest, you will find the second half of the Muspelheim Seed.

First Muspelheim Seed half location in Svartalfheim
Find the second half of the Muspelheim Seed in Alberich Hollow in Svartalfheim. | © Sony

That's it, job done! Now you can go to Muspelheim and challenge yourself in "The Crucible". We strongly recommend doing this, not just for fun, but also to unlock some special loot and materials for crafting. Enjoy!

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