Huge God of War Reveal Expected At Today's State of Play

Sony will be hosting their regular State of Play showcase on Tuesday, September 13, and we expect a massive God of War reveal at the event. This is because nearly all the devs and voice actors working on the game have been retweeting the State of Play announcement.

Sony State of Play God of War Reveal
What can we expect from God of War at the Sony State of Play? | © Sony

God of War Ragnarök is probably going to be the biggest game released by the end of this year, especially now since Hogwarts Legacy's release date has been moved into 2023. But as we are now nearing the release, we need Sony to start showing us a little more of this highly-anticipated game. So far, we haven't received nearly as much marketing material as we expected, and we're perhaps even a little worried.

All those worries could be put to rest tonight however, as during the September 13 State of Play we're expecting a huge God of War Ragnarök announcement. Here's why we think a reveal is coming, and what new content might be shown.

God of War Team Retweeting The State of Play Announcement

Dozens of devs and voice actors working on God of War have been retweeting this announcement from Sony about tonight's State of Play, which heavily implies that their work on Ragnarök will be shown at the event. You might think they're just supporting the PlayStation brand, and we would be tempted to agree if it was just one or two of the devs retweeting Sony, but as we said, it seems to be nearly every God of War dev with a public profile, and even the voice actor for Kratos.

Here are just a few of the most well-known faces retweeting the announcement:

And there are many more, which makes us pretty much 99% certain that we're getting God of War news tonight.

But what could the news be? We think we'll get to see some extended gameplay and possibly a major story reveal. They haven't shown Odin yet, for instance, and he's supposedly one of the most significant villains. We'll have to wait and see, but we're hopeful.

If you want to watch the State of Play live, it's being broadcast at 15:00 PT (18:00pm ET / 23:00 BST) via their official YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Any news about God for War gets people talking, but prepare yourself for them to reveal something disappointing...