Leak: New AAA PlayStation IP To Be Revealed This Month!

One of our favorite leakers has been sent an anonymous tip-off: PlayStation will reveal a new triple-A IP before October. But, how reliable is this source? And what kind of game will it be?

New Triple A Play Station IP
Will we be getting a modern shooter? Or maybe a throwback to the medieval? | © Ubisoft
One of the biggest video game leakers right now has been sent a new tip-off: Sony are revealing a new triple-A IP very soon! It's exciting to be sure, but can we trust the leak, and what kind of game could they be talking about? Let's take a look!

New PlayStation IP Leaked

The Snitch revealed to users of his Discord server that he had been given a tip-off by someone claiming that a new PlayStation IP would be revealed before October. He claimed it was a triple-A IP, so we think this has to come from one of the major studios under Sony's control. This is exactly what the Snitch said:

But what kind of game could this be? | © Reddit via u/VFB-Fan93

If we had to guess we would maybe suggest that this is going to be Naughty Dog's new fantasy RPG, but it really could be anything in a situation like this. We'll have to wait and find out.

We know what you might be thinking right now: can we even trust "the Snitch", and we would say yes. This is a fairly new figure to the world of video game leaks, but so far they have 100% track-record. That's far more than figures like Tom Henderson, and even more credible sources like Jeff Grubb can boast. Of course, maybe this is the first leak that won't come true, but we're currently thinking it's far more likely to happen than not.

What do you think about a new IP from PlayStation? Is that exciting, or have you started to lose faith in Sony? We certainly can't be the only ones disappointed with how they've been handling the Game Pass competition...

With this being a brand-new IP, we know it won't be too old for a certain someone...