Good News Regarding Captain America & Black Panther Game

The newly announced Black Panther & Captain America game is shaping to be more and more like a Marvel-Uncharted.

Captain america black panther single player
Not gonna lie... I'm hyped for this one. | © Marvel

So, by now you've probably heard of the Black Panther & Captain America game, right? I mean, we wrote about it here, but also... the game is kind of all the hype: The creator of Uncharted working on a game that features both Captain America and Black Panther, all set during World War 2? What's not to get hyped about? Well, there's one thing that's worrying: The four characters that simply scream four player co-op. Well... guess what?

Black Panther & Captain America Will Be Single-Player

The upcoming Marvel game we're all anticipating will, contrary to all popular trends, not have a tacked-on multiplayer. This might disappoint some, but honestly... I love it. Think of what Uncharted stands for: The ultimate cinematic gaming experience. It'd be a shame to have the creator of Uncharted be responsible for yet another dumbed down Marvel co-op experience. Since Marvel is obviously trying to build up a Marvel gaming universe, it only makes sense for them to start prioritizing quality over gaming trends, and it seems that this is exactly the approach they are taking with this Black Panther & Captain America blockbuster.

How do I know all of the above? Well... by reading between the lines. Or rather by having Geoff Keighley read between the lines for me:

Yup, four characters playable at different points in the story. That's more than just an implication that you will not be co-op-ing this one - it's confirmation. Seems like Marvel's upcoming blockbuster will see you control only one hero at a time - likely Cap and Black Panter, accompanied by either the US soldier Gabriel Jones, and the Wakandan spy Nanali. In any case, I'm delighted this game will not force co-op down our throats, and I'm ready for an Uncharted-level Marvel gaming experience.