Meta Quest Pro Finally Leaked

Meta Quest Pro has been leaked, but that's not a bad thing: This is one VR system we can get behind. Meta Quest looks like the future.

Meta quest pro
I wannt one. | © NextPit

So, Meta is trying to be a thing, right? I know, I know, technically it already is a thing, since it's a billion-dollar company and all that, but in reality: Nobody really associates the name Meta with much. Ironic, right? A company as big as Meta struggling for name recognition. Well, this might all change with Meta's upcoming forray into the VR scene:

Meta Quest Pro Leak Analysis

So... what can we take away from this minor leak? Not much, except that... this is basically the future of VR. I mean, VR headsets are slowly but surely evolving into nothing more than a pair of sunglasses. I mean, this Meta Quest Pro is significantly smaller than every other VR set on the market.

In my opinion, VR is still ways away from becoming mainstream, but, at the same time, it will likely be exactly what makes gaming mainstream. See, once VR headsets truly become sunglasses, or rather nothing more than a pair of contact lenses, we might just see people struggling with the mechanical aspect of gaming, flocking to our favorite hobby.

So... say what you will about Meta, but their struggle for name recognition will certainly lead them to advance technology tremendously, so with Meta leading the charge and Sony's upcoming VR headset promising competition... the future of gaming might just be upon us.