GTA 6: Fan Demands News At Gamescom Opening Night

GTA 6 is a hotly contested subject these days, enough even to warrant a fan to run on stage at the Gamescom Opening Night.

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GTA 6 is a hot topic even with no news at all. | © Gamescom

GTA 6 had multiple assets leaked a year ago, fuelling fan's desire to finally find out more about the game. There are rumours left, right and center surrounding the game, but Rockstar Games continues to keep mum about the upcoming title.

During the Opening Night of the 2023 Gamescom a fan decided it would be his time to shine, rushing on stage right at the start demanding news on the upcoming GTA title.

GTA 6: Fan Storms On Stage At Gamescom

The Gamescom Opening Night reveals news on upcoming video games. The game kicking off the evening was none other than Bethesda's Starfield. After the trailer, a fan ran on stage, channelling his inner "Bill Clinton Kid", asking for GTA 6.

The fan was quickly escorted off-stage by security, but their behaviour did dampen the mood a little, just before the Director and Executive Producer of Bethesda Games Studios, Todd Howard, came on.

This is just a troll trying to get attention, but it's still crazy to see that random people are able to make it onto stage at these huge events every single time.