Leak: GTA 6 Will Be Set in 1998

A possible clue in GTA 5 Enhanced Edition's latest trailer hints that Grand Theft Auto 6 might be set in the 1990s. If this hint is correct, then GTA 6 will be set in 1998, but how likely is this? Let's take a look at whether GTA 6 will be set in 1998.

There are so many versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 at this point. The game came out on Xbox 360 and PS3. Then it came to Xbox One and PS4. Then it came to PC. Then it came to the Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Bizarre. That's three console generations and no new Grand Theft Auto game. I don't know about you, but I couldn't really care less about GTA 5 anymore. Give me GTA 6.

We are all hanging out for new GTA 6 details, little tid-bits about what could be coming in the next entry to Rockstar's magnum opus. Will the game be set in Vice City? Who will the main character be? How big is the map? When is GTA 6 set? Well, we may have an answer to that final question (if we have followed the clues correctly, that is)...

Before we jump on into why we think that GTA 6 will be set in 1998, here are the latest GTA 6 news and leaks...

Why Will GTA 6 Be Set in the 1990s?

A YouTuber has pointed out what could be a GTA 6 teaser in the GTA 5 Enhanced Edition trailer, hinting at a 1990s setting. YouTuber DANNYonPC pointed out a license plate number in the trailer that read "6ISAL890" or, if you break it down, "6 is a late 90". Crazy, right? Could this be an actual teaser? Could we have the first confirmation of GTA 6's setting? Check it out for yourself...

Are you convinced by this? We think that this is just too much of a coincidence, to be honest. It could be a random plate, but it also seems that with so many random plates in GTA 5, it would be a bit bizarre if the plate that featured in that shot could coincidentally be taken as a GTA 6 teaser.

If GTA 6 is set in the 1990s, then we expect it will be around 1998. That would put the game in the late 90s, but would allow the game enough time to cover a decent time span within its story. Exploring Miami in the 1990s? That also sounds fantastic! GTA 6 in the 1990s? We're sold.

Previous leaks also suggested that GTA 6 will take place over a span of decades, so maybe 1998 is just the starting point. It's definitely a possibility and one thing's for sure: We wouldn't have a problem with it, but, also, it's about time we get some actual facts on GTA 6.

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